Monday, November 19, 2007

Thick Skin, a Necessity ?

A friend just told me an embarrassing incident which happened to her. Come to think of it, this is not the first time I heard she encounters such 'please don't let that ever happens to me' situation. Come to think of it so did I. Thanks God, I seem to have lost the propensity to have it.

The incident she told me was work related with one of her clients, I told her 'If I were you I would dig my own grave and jump voluntarily'. She said, so would she, except that she just couldn't.

Sometimes, we don't have that easy escape. Sometimes we just have to face it and pretend that it never happens. We need to grow a thick skin if we don't have one. Sometimes the situation is such that we couldn't run away and hide, regardless of how much we want to avoid someone. Life is about taking responsibilities and being responsible about them.

Humiliations and embarrassments are parts of our lives, they shouldn't stop us from doing what we should do, they shouldn't stop us from being the best that we could. They should be taken as lessons learned and not breaks and walls to imprison ourselves.

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