Thursday, November 29, 2007

Divine Privileges

I've noticed several things related to praying. Naturally I'm talking about muslim's praying, namely shalat. First and foremost, it gives privilege to those who come first to fill the first row. There is no reservation for those with the highest rank among men/women. God doesn't care about your rank or status among human being. That's the message which I really like. Secondly, the choice of imam to lead the praying is based on mutual consent among those who come first. They are supposed to choose the best among them. Once the praying start, everybody else just follow the imam, regardless of his/her position.

Today, our imam was one of our colleagues who is unfortunately always become the butt of joke and teasing. I wonder whether my other colleagues who followed behind him see the irony or to be precise the error of their way in treating him thus. By making him the butt of their jokes, they feel more superior than him. When in fact it's only their own feelings and imaginations. The one who really knows who's superior than who is only God.

Joking and teasing are fine. But we should be able to differentiate when those jokes have crossed the line into insulting and offending someone else.

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