Thursday, November 22, 2007

God is not Christian

"God is not Christian", said Desmond Tutu. Intriguing. And true. God doesn't need religions. We, on the other hand, need it. We need it as a guidance, particularly on the contentious morale issues of right and wrong. We need it as assurances that this life we lead is not meaningless. There's a purpose to it. That every little thing we do count.

So why so many people like using words like: God's religion? These very words give the wrong impression and sometimes inflammatory. We should stop using and bringing God down for our own cause. Be honest, it's our religion! Regardless of the fact that God himself chose and designated that religion for us, it's still our religion not God's.

Most of us use religion as a weapon. And it is a very mighty one. Most of us use religion as an excuse to do things they want to do. They use religion to gather support from the masses.

What they don't do is using it as it main purposes intended it to be used: a guidance to the right path (to goodness), a reference for justice, a reminder that we're all brothers and sisters.

That this world with all its worldly jewels, pleasures and enticements -which has been coveted by some with such desire, is only temporary. It might seem very precious at this moment so that those people are willing to do anything to get it. But in the means really nothing. One has to leave it all behind. Even if he owns the world.

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