Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dearest Jakarta

The biggest portion of my life has been spent in Jakarta. I grew up in this densely populated city. With over 13 million people during day time Jakarta is infamous for its traffics. New initiatives have been taken by each newly elected local government with the high hopes to overcome its chronic conjunctions.

However, if I were asked what do I think about the traffics in Jakarta, I must say I didn't see any significant improvement. It seems that they just getting worse by day. The highways or tolls are just as bad as other roads, except on very few rare occasions.

The newest initiative which was taken by the former governor, more well-known as bus-way, only becomes the newest source of frustration of others who don't use it and have to drive their own cars to their offices.

The bus-way didn't build its own way, instead it took over others' ways to be their own. The normally pact streets become narrower and more pact if that even possible. As if that's not enough, Jakarta has the highest record of housing demonstrations compare to other big cities. Now you could imagine how's life for commuters in Jakarta.

If I were asked how do I measure the success of the local government in managing Jakarta. My answer is quite simple, if they could make commuting a pleasant or at the very least, a less frustrating experience for commuters, then, that's a success for me.

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I Love my Motorcycle soooo very much....hehehehehe