Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Jo Hyun Jae (조현재) Joining Hwatu/Empress Qi/Gi? Yes, Please!

I could watch anything with my man in it. Although admittedly I haven’t been able to bring myself to finish that Ad drama where he played the second lead. What irk me the most is that I’m watching lots of dramas but I don’t have the freaking idea who the male lead in that drama is. I was like, ‘Who is that’? ‘Huh’?

So, I’m dying for a new drama where I could root for Jo Hyun Jae and the female lead in earnest. Then I learned the happy news from Ms. Koala that Jo Hyun Jae might be joining the cast of Hwatu as the second male lead.

I know it’s another second lead role but this time around the male lead is Joo Jin Mo. Yes, Joo Jin Mo!

You don’t know who Joo Jin Mo is? Okay, in that case I don’t think explaining his resume will help you to get the picture. No matter how much I love Jo Hyun Jae I think I have to be objective enough in saying that Joo Jin Mo is the bigger name here.This is him in all his rugged glory:

And since this Hwatu is about the Empress Qi/Gi, I know for sure that Jo Hyun Jae’ll get the girl because he’ll be the Emperor, the Toghun Temur Khan, right?

I don’t know how the script will be written or how will they play the love line between the leading lady (Ha Ji Won) who will play Gi Jao a Korean girl who is sent to Yuan Dynasty then later become the Empress Qi/Gi and Joo Jin Mo who will play one of the worse Kings in Goryoe, King Chunghye.

Seeing how the Emperor made this nobody into his Empress it meant that he loved her dearly. Definitely more than any women in his palace even his own first Empress.

That’s what I want to happen between Jo Hun Jae and Ha Ji Won in this drama. It goes without saying they are the OTP that I want to see on my small screen.

Although Joo Jin Mo/King Chunghye is the male lead, I more than welcome him to all the women in his palace – and leave my OTP alone. And the history does say he did indeed welcome himself to every woman there.

I find this drama is interesting – okay, I do find it interesting now after hearing the rumour about the possibility of Jo Hyun Jae joining the casts – because I want to see how will they portray these three historical figures who are not loved by the Korean people. What twists are they going to use to make viewers root for them.

I don’t mind the twisting in the historical drama, as long as the major facts remain. For example Lady Wu, the First Empress which I watched because I love the leads.

In this drama they turned Alyssa Chia into a bubbly, innocent, nice girl which is totally absurd because in reality nobody like that could become an Empress.

You need some one who is shrewd, tough, and brilliant enough to defeat their enemies and not balking at the thoughts of killing few dozen people to get to the top. Or powerful men behind you like an Emperor who loves you more than anything else.

But with the team that produced Giant (which by the way I totally love, gosh what an epic beautiful giant that drama is) behind this drama I have a high hope that they will not turn Ha Ji Won into a sweet bubbly thing. Nor Jo Hyun Jae into a loved sick Emperor although he loves her dearly.

On the other hand, Joo Jin Moo the male lead could be as villain as imaginable. Hopefully, even more evil than our villain Jo Phil Yon in Giant. I’m looking forward to seeing another epic journey like Giant.

*praying that it’ll be epic and not a giant disappointment*

To those who have power in this drama please give Jo Hyun Jae if he takes the role as the Emperor some hair. Please, please, please. You need to create your own hair style for the Yuan Emperor here. This is the twist that I’m sure the future viewers of this drama are praying day and night. It would be pure torture to see one of the male leads with hideous hair do for 60 episodes.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Playing Cupid

This is probably not one of my better ideas. Liking romance and rather good at writing stories are not the same with trying to pair real people in real life.

When writing I have full control over my hero’s feelings. I could create events that would bring my hero and heroine together. I get to decide when and where they should have their fateful encounter that would seal their fates together.

But life is not a fiction. This cupid wannabe have no resources to back up her new vocation. I don’t even know this guy!

I’m trying to match this potential Mr. Right to my best friend simply because she is crazy about him. I reckon from her story that he is keen on the internet and things computer/IT related thus I decide to send him this top secret intelligence praying that he somehow reads it.

This blog is read by over a quarter of the United Nations member States where most of the readers are from the United States, South Korea, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, France, Poland, Australia, the Philippines, Thailand and the United Kingdom.

But the latest trend shows that a large number of Indonesians start to read this blog too. And who knows he might be one of them.  Hey, I’m an optimist and wishing for the best is my motto.

So, Mr. Right, in the very slim chance that you read this blog I want to let you know that if you start to listen to the advice freely given by those busybodies around you, you won’t be disappointed.

She won’t say no if you dare to pop the question. No matter what those questions are. You get my drift?

Just a friendly suggestion though, don’t pop the question in the office, you might give her a heart-attack along with everybody else in that floor with her scream of joy.

She’s already in the moon when you stop calling her Ma’am and use Nuna (it’s how our Korean male lead calls their older heroine) instead. Can’t even imagine how she would react when you start calling her by name.

If you want to know whether it’s you and her I’m talking about you could start sleuthing. I’m an open book. And if you have half the brain she tells me you have it’ll be a piece of cake for you.

A clue: she mentioned me once in the middle of your conversation with those ladies from Australia.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Gong Hyo Jin’s The Master’s Sun

Although I love all her works I’m not really a fan of Gong Hyo Jin. But that could change.  

Just like Lee Bo Young who was also not my favorite despite watching almost all of her dramas which I really loved – okay, it’s Sodongyo/Song of the Prince – with just one role (Jang Hye Sung in I Hear Your Voice) she has successfully turned me into a fan.

I have a feeling that with her role in The Master’s Sun, Gong Hyo Jin will turn me into her fan as well. 

I like how she plays Tae Gong Sil. I totally see the similarity between her character and the cat that she is being likened to by the other male lead. She doesn’t do it intentionally but just like a cat she charms her owner with her coyness.

I love the way she refers to herself as The Sun and I love how she tries to constantly keep the body contact – just like a cat that keeps swirling around your legs – with Ju Jong Won (Soe Ji Sub) who of course totally hates how she sheds on his impeccable person.

Despite seeing the chance that I could fall in love with Gong Hyo Jin here, I haven’t fallen in love with The Master’s Sun yet. I like it enough to watch it as it airs but it hasn’t gripped me in a death trap that I can’t escape like I Hear Your Voice. 

Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Time to Enjoy Jakarta

Starting next week we’ll have a long holiday. I don’t know the exact number but from around 13 million people who are in Jakarta during weekdays and 9 millions who actually live in the City most of them will be leaving it for their hometowns.

It’s time for us who considers Jakarta as our hometown to enjoy its roads. To actually drive and not just sit behind the wheel for hours stuck in the most horrible traffics one could imagine.

If you plan to visit Jakarta and you hate traffics please plan your timing around the end of Ramadan (a week before it’s ended).