Monday, August 19, 2013

Playing Cupid

This is probably not one of my better ideas. Liking romance and rather good at writing stories are not the same with trying to pair real people in real life.

When writing I have full control over my hero’s feelings. I could create events that would bring my hero and heroine together. I get to decide when and where they should have their fateful encounter that would seal their fates together.

But life is not a fiction. This cupid wannabe have no resources to back up her new vocation. I don’t even know this guy!

I’m trying to match this potential Mr. Right to my best friend simply because she is crazy about him. I reckon from her story that he is keen on the internet and things computer/IT related thus I decide to send him this top secret intelligence praying that he somehow reads it.

This blog is read by over a quarter of the United Nations member States where most of the readers are from the United States, South Korea, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, France, Poland, Australia, the Philippines, Thailand and the United Kingdom.

But the latest trend shows that a large number of Indonesians start to read this blog too. And who knows he might be one of them.  Hey, I’m an optimist and wishing for the best is my motto.

So, Mr. Right, in the very slim chance that you read this blog I want to let you know that if you start to listen to the advice freely given by those busybodies around you, you won’t be disappointed.

She won’t say no if you dare to pop the question. No matter what those questions are. You get my drift?

Just a friendly suggestion though, don’t pop the question in the office, you might give her a heart-attack along with everybody else in that floor with her scream of joy.

She’s already in the moon when you stop calling her Ma’am and use Nuna (it’s how our Korean male lead calls their older heroine) instead. Can’t even imagine how she would react when you start calling her by name.

If you want to know whether it’s you and her I’m talking about you could start sleuthing. I’m an open book. And if you have half the brain she tells me you have it’ll be a piece of cake for you.

A clue: she mentioned me once in the middle of your conversation with those ladies from Australia.

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