Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Gong Hyo Jin’s The Master’s Sun

Although I love all her works I’m not really a fan of Gong Hyo Jin. But that could change.  

Just like Lee Bo Young who was also not my favorite despite watching almost all of her dramas which I really loved – okay, it’s Sodongyo/Song of the Prince – with just one role (Jang Hye Sung in I Hear Your Voice) she has successfully turned me into a fan.

I have a feeling that with her role in The Master’s Sun, Gong Hyo Jin will turn me into her fan as well. 

I like how she plays Tae Gong Sil. I totally see the similarity between her character and the cat that she is being likened to by the other male lead. She doesn’t do it intentionally but just like a cat she charms her owner with her coyness.

I love the way she refers to herself as The Sun and I love how she tries to constantly keep the body contact – just like a cat that keeps swirling around your legs – with Ju Jong Won (Soe Ji Sub) who of course totally hates how she sheds on his impeccable person.

Despite seeing the chance that I could fall in love with Gong Hyo Jin here, I haven’t fallen in love with The Master’s Sun yet. I like it enough to watch it as it airs but it hasn’t gripped me in a death trap that I can’t escape like I Hear Your Voice. 

Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes.

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