Monday, March 30, 2009

Rewarding the Crooks

No, I’m not talking about the likes of those who work for AIG, or other fancy financial institutions who operate in plush offices on the high street. The crooks I’m referring to work on the streets, literally.

They wear no white collars nor got millions of dollar bonuses from the tax payers’ money. They do however manage to con some money right out of the pockets of the gullible and or selfish public. A pittance it may be, but it never fails to rile me.

I’m ranting about those people who work in a group in the intersections, pretending to regulate traffic while actually trying to create a nightmarish jam. One that is so impossible to untangle without their help.

Whenever I become one of their helpless victims, I fervently wish I’m with the police or in the army so that I could stop my car, step out, and haul them all to the office to scare the living out of them.

My rage is divided between solely directed towards these low lives, and the stupid commuters who gave them some money for giving them a way by stopping other cars and ignoring the traffic light – yes, sometimes these people are operating in the intersections where the traffic lights work just fine.

One of the things that I can’t stand is stupidity. And selfishness. Unfortunately, whenever one is trapped in that horrible situation, one can see them a plenty. I have to swallow my rage every time I see a driver handing out money to the very culprit who creates the hell that we experienced.

I have to take a deep breath to stop my self from opening my window and yell to the other driver who is in a precious position to untangle the traffic simply by stopping and letting the other driver drive through, but being stupid or selfish, he chose to follow the order given by those crooks to keep going and drive his car right to the very center of the chaos to create more impossible knots.

Our streets are hazardous and horrendous enough without letting senseless, selfish and indiscipline people running amok with creative crooks to make driving a more trying experience than it already is.

None should be rewarded for doing something wrong. It doesn’t make sense to give money to the very people who make your life difficult in the first place. If we really want to stop this bad practice, we should lock them all behind bars and throw away the keys to the deep sea. And say good riddance...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Forgotten and Unappreciated

Why did our ancestors fight for our independence? Presumably, it was because they wanted a better future for their beloved country and countrymen. Ironically, once the independence was won, their sacrifices rapidly faded from the memory of the very people they were fighting for.

Those very people prefer to busy themselves with fights to win the biggest portion of whatever wealth, power and other benefits they could grab for themselves. Wealth, power, and advantages which were bought with the bloods, lives and tears of our fallen, maimed and surviving heroes, most of whom now live in a very poor condition.

They are left to fend for themselves when they are no longer in shape to do so. When they have no one else to turn to, the very country and people they were defending and fighting for also turned their collective ungrateful backs on them.

It’s heartbreaking to see an elderly who still has to slave over and worry about their next meals. It hurts just to imagine how lonely and bleak the future might be for them.

How could we talk about humanity, conscience, and other values when we let our seniors wander on the street unattended? How could we talk about a better future when we conveniently forget those who forgot about themselves for our sake have no future to talk about?

It’s appalling how our country/government treats those who serve it. It’s an outrage to see those in power compete to enrich themselves while the very people they suppose to serve live a subsistence existence. It’s shameful that no body cares enough to fight for their cause.

What do they get every time we celebrate our independence day? How many people even remember that some of our heroes are actually still alive?

We should be ashamed that they live long enough not to enjoy the benefit of what they were fighting for but to know that they have been forgotten.

Monday, March 9, 2009

It Grows on You

How similar are you with your best friends? Stupid question I know. So, I’m not going to talk about similarities which go without question. What matters is how different are you with your buddies.

Don’t expect me to give wise advice or anything close to enlightening regarding how to improve your friendship despite your differences, because I’m already resigned to my fate. You could not change other people no matter how much you want it. You either love them the way they are or you don’t.

Compare to most of my Indonesian compatriots, I could say that I’m a relatively punctual person. But compare to my best friends I’m definitely a timer. When I say we meet at 8 a.m. I really mean 8 a.m. With 2 or 3 minutes grace period due to differences in our watches.

When I say 8 a.m., I don’t mean for them to start leaving their homes at 8 a.m. But somehow that’s how they translate it. In case you’re reading this blog, yes, I’m talking about you guys…

I used to get so frustrated and riled because of your unpunctuality. But somehow after all these years, the knowledge that you will definitely be late regardless how fervently you promise to be on time starts to amuse me.

Whenever you’re late, I no longer feel like screaming, I might still deliver a small comment about the time, but just on the principle.

If you happen to read this, don’t use it as an excuse to give yourselves an extra time!