Thursday, April 23, 2015

Jonhson and Jonhson Needs to Clarify! I Need to Hear that It is not True!

I’ve been using their baby powder for several years now but this morning I read this article posted on Facebook by a friend. I’m shocked and beyond outraged!

Because of this article I can't bring myself to use my baby powder anymore.

What makes me extremely furious is the statement saying that Jonhson and Jonhson knows about the problem with their baby powder but doesn’t think it is necessary to inform their loyal customers.

I’m officially boycotting this baby powder until I hear a rebuttal from them!

This is the outrageous article that shocks the hell out of me:

This Powder Is Causing Cancer in 10,000 Women

Baby powder is a common sight in all households, even when no baby is present. Most women swear by the talc­based powder, claiming it makes skin soft and younger looking.
If this is you, you need to stop.

Baby powder like the one sold from Johnson and Johnson is increasing women’s risk of being diagnosed with ovarian cancer by 33%.

Dr. Daniel Cramer, epidemiologist, believes that at least 10,000 women develop ovarian cancer as a direct result from using baby powder on a daily basis.

The Shocking Facts

As early as 1982, studies have shown a link between baby powder and ovarian cancer in women. Findings have shown that women using talc­based powders are 300 times more likely to be diagnosed with cancer.

The research hit mainstream media by the New York Times and forced big corporation Johnson and Johnson to reveal the truth behind their product.

Read and Follow The Labels

If you have a bottle of baby powder in your house, go read the label and warnings (and then throw out the bottle).

Johnson and Johnson caution people to avoid the powder coming in contact with their eyes and to avoid inhalation. There’s nothing about talc particle’s ability to stay on the skin for years and travel to your ovaries.

Nor does it state anywhere on the bottle that talc causes inflammation and the perfect environment to grow cancer cells.

Yet, the big corporation admitted to being aware of the dangers of their baby powder as outlined in the 1982 study. And decided they didn’t need to warn their loyal customers of the dangerous side effects of using their line of baby powder products.

That’s Not All

Using baby powder on your baby is probably worse than using it on yourself. The American Academy of Pediatrics has warned parents against using baby powder specifically with talc. This mineral easily becomes airborne and can be inhaled by infants, causing their mucous membranes to dry up.

This effects breathing and can lead to wheezing in babies. Some reported cases of pneumonia in infants have also been traced back to the use of baby powder, but you’d never see that on the warning label.

Why Hide The Facts?

As with any big company, it was all about the money. Would you buy a product that is known to cause cancer? Probably not.

Many recent lawsuits, however, are forcing the company to change their warning label. With a giant “May Cause Cancer” sticker on the side, I think it’s safe to assume this would mean all Johnson and Johnson baby powders would have to be pulled from the shelf.

Safe Alternatives

For babies, the best substitute is petroleum jelly which will help heal a sore bottom. As for adults, it’s safe to use cornstarch­based baby powder to achieve the same soft­skin results.

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Monday, April 20, 2015

The Actress is Too Much (여배우는 너무해)

I was hoping to love this one. What I didn’t expect to happen is for me to really love this movie for itself. A very pleasant surprise. Although perhaps I shouldn’t be that surprised. It’s my beloved’s movie after all. I’m bound to be bias.

But let’s forget Jo Hyun Jae (조현재) for a moment and just look at the movie. The Actress is Too Much is light, breezy and romantic. Yet, it has heart. It’s not a movie where once viewing is enough. It is one of those movies that we look for whenever we’re craving for something sweet.

For me that movie has always been My Little Bride (어린 신부) in case you don’t know it’s the one with Kim Rae Won (김래원 ) and Moon Geun Young (문근영), now I have this one to alternate.

Unlike Moon Geun Young who I love, Cha Ye Ryon (차예련) is not my favourite actress so when I heard that she is the female lead in this movie I was rather disappointed. But after watching The Actress is Too Much I think I’m okay with it.

She plays Nabi a former member of an idol group who switches career as an actress but sucks at acting and is labelled as the one who’ll guarantee a show a low rating. 

Despite all that she is still a star and famous which is why the producer of a theatre production insists on using her as their leading lady against the objection of their very talented and famous director Hong Jin Woo (Jo Hyun Jae).

Nabi herself doesn’t want to act on the stage which is a step down for her but her manager has so many scandalous materials at his hands that he uses to force her to except the offer.

So, Nabi and Hong Jin Woo have no other option but to work their issues themselves.

I like seeing how Nabi tries to get what she wants from Hong Jin Woo by using exactly the same method used by her manager. Blackmailing. Although in her case she fabricates the whole evidence with her obliging friend.

Since Hong Jin Woo insists that she has to be naked in one of their scenes and is not willing to use a double, Nabi decides to undress the hard headed director, put him in bed with a woman and direct a bed scene herself.

I totally approve.

Not only because she gives him a taste of what it feels like to be seen by others in your birthday suit, but because it gives me a chance to see Jo Hyun Jae half naked.

Yep, Jo Hyun Jae half naked.

So ladies, if romantic comedy is not your thing but Jo Hyun Jae is, The Actress is Too Much is a movie that you should not miss. It’s Jo Hyun Jae 101. You get to hear his beautiful voice when he sings and you get kissing scenes too.

If I have to choose between the shower scene of Song Seung Hun (송승헌) in My Princess which earns him ‘The Hand Towel’ endearment and the ‘bed scene’ in The Actress is Too Much, I’ll choose the later any day, any time.

I find Nabi to be quite endearing. Not as endearing as Chon Song Yi (Gianna Jun’s character in My Love from another Star/별에서 그대) but in her own way she is kind of cute.

I’d love to write more about this movie, but since I hate spoilers, I’ll take you as one of those who also hate it. So, this is it. But, if you happen to have the same taste with me you’ll love this one too.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Maids (하녀들 ): Episode 2

Leaving a cheating husband or boyfriend for a new lover is no big deal. But how about leaving a devoted fiancé who’s done you no wrong and been nothing but good to you, not to mention the fact that you happen to love him too? This question has been floating on my mind when I look at Gook In Yup (Jung Yu Mi) and Kim Eun Gi (Kim Dong Wook).

It doesn’t mean that I don’t want In Yup to fall in love with Moo Myung (Oh Ji Ho) since they have to fall madly in love with each other haven’t they? It’s the sacred law of dramaland that has to be fulfilled by every male and female lead.

But seeing how Kim Eun Gi tries his best to save the father of the woman he loves makes me feel sad. Here’s a good brave young man who doesn’t even fear the mad King who loves to chop off the heads of his own flesh and blood about to become one of the unfortunates because of love or to be precise because the woman he loves stop loving him.

And that’s another question I have. How could you stop loving someone who does nothing wrong?

Although every drama always finds ways to justify the change of heart of their leads, this issue never ceases to bother me. Almost in every drama the time, the people, the circumstances and the universe are conspiring against the couple to make it impossible for them to be together however the fact that you can’t be together doesn’t mean that your love for that person is ended.

You might try to be realistic and pragmatic then accept the fact that it’s simply impossible for you two. But again it doesn’t mean you stop loving the other person. True love doesn’t change.

If one party stops loving the other one it’s either because they don’t really love their lover or it’s because they are basically a fickle person.

You may have a huge fight, hurl insults, say you hate that person to death or you might separate with that person, but when your anger has subsided, the fact remains, you still love that person just as much. That’s true love.

If that’s not the case it means you love that person just enough, enough to marry them, enough to be with them, enough to withstand small discomfort and do some sacrifices, but not enough to withstand the appearance of more attractive and wonderful person, not enough to withstand more difficulties/problems ahead, not enough to conquer all odds, and the most important thing is your love for that person is not enough to make you happy no matter what.

I have no doubt that In Yub loves Eun Gi but I’m not convinced that she loves him as much as he loves her. She might be everything to him but I’m not quite sure that he is everything to her. Is he more important to her than her dead father? No, I don’t think so. She might love him but not that much.

Even from episode one it’s pretty clear that what’s really first and foremost on her mind is her missing father and not her fiancé. She doesn’t think about him that much. 

Now, let’s talk about a more worthy subject in the drama: social issues. Maids reminds me a little of Jejungwon (제중원), it gives us a view of how unfair and frustrating the social system in those eras is. People are valued and judged not by their own merit but by their social background.

You as a person don’t matter if you don’t come from a certain social class. You are not even considered human if you happen to come from the wrong class.

We are watching a system that perpetuates poverty, oppresses the poor and promotes status quo. A system which is invented by those with enough brains and power but no heart, then it is accepted by the idiots, the powerless and the cowards.

I’m not yet in love with In Yup but I like seeing how underneath her haughtiness there is a glimpse of a decent girl who treats her personal servant like a real person and with genuine affection. I like seeing how despite her snobbishness there is a glimpse of a fair and just girl, a girl who despite her privilege upbringing doesn’t turn rotten inside out.

I like seeing the shadow of a woman who knows the value of herself, strong enough to endure any hardship but good enough to maintain her decent character from turning evil in her quest for justice. But what I like the most about In Yup is that she doesn’t look stupid. She looks very capable in using her head.

Moo Myung might fall for her first because he has seen that shadows too from the very first time they met and I’m not going to blame In Yup if she falls for Moo Myung later on but I think I’m going to feel really sorry for Eun Gi.