Monday, April 13, 2015

Maids: Episode 1

Ever since Fantasy Couple I have a soft spot for Oh Ji Ho (오지호) and that is why I ended up watching the first episode of Maids and I’m happy to note that episode one is visually beautiful. I who notice practically nothing besides the storyline am impressed with the beauty of the opening scenes.

Although I feel nothing for the heroine yet, I love Oh Ji Ho’s very nuanced and layered character. There’s coldness in how he handled his furious prisoner. The ice and steel that are appropriate for a mercenary but then in the flashback we could see glimpses of the real man beneath all of his façades.

Looking forward to watching the next episodes.

I’m posting this one again because I couldn’t find my previous post about this drama. I’m 100% sure that I didn’t imagine the whole thing. I’m positive that I had posted my first impression of Maids so that I could continue with the review of the next episodes once I have time to watch and enjoy Maids without distraction. What happened to that previous post is a mystery to me. Was it really just my imagination?
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