Monday, April 20, 2015

The Actress is Too Much (여배우는 너무해)

I was hoping to love this one. What I didn’t expect to happen is for me to really love this movie for itself. A very pleasant surprise. Although perhaps I shouldn’t be that surprised. It’s my beloved’s movie after all. I’m bound to be bias.

But let’s forget Jo Hyun Jae (조현재) for a moment and just look at the movie. The Actress is Too Much is light, breezy and romantic. Yet, it has heart. It’s not a movie where once viewing is enough. It is one of those movies that we look for whenever we’re craving for something sweet.

For me that movie has always been My Little Bride (어린 신부) in case you don’t know it’s the one with Kim Rae Won (김래원 ) and Moon Geun Young (문근영), now I have this one to alternate.

Unlike Moon Geun Young who I love, Cha Ye Ryon (차예련) is not my favourite actress so when I heard that she is the female lead in this movie I was rather disappointed. But after watching The Actress is Too Much I think I’m okay with it.

She plays Nabi a former member of an idol group who switches career as an actress but sucks at acting and is labelled as the one who’ll guarantee a show a low rating. 

Despite all that she is still a star and famous which is why the producer of a theatre production insists on using her as their leading lady against the objection of their very talented and famous director Hong Jin Woo (Jo Hyun Jae).

Nabi herself doesn’t want to act on the stage which is a step down for her but her manager has so many scandalous materials at his hands that he uses to force her to except the offer.

So, Nabi and Hong Jin Woo have no other option but to work their issues themselves.

I like seeing how Nabi tries to get what she wants from Hong Jin Woo by using exactly the same method used by her manager. Blackmailing. Although in her case she fabricates the whole evidence with her obliging friend.

Since Hong Jin Woo insists that she has to be naked in one of their scenes and is not willing to use a double, Nabi decides to undress the hard headed director, put him in bed with a woman and direct a bed scene herself.

I totally approve.

Not only because she gives him a taste of what it feels like to be seen by others in your birthday suit, but because it gives me a chance to see Jo Hyun Jae half naked.

Yep, Jo Hyun Jae half naked.

So ladies, if romantic comedy is not your thing but Jo Hyun Jae is, The Actress is Too Much is a movie that you should not miss. It’s Jo Hyun Jae 101. You get to hear his beautiful voice when he sings and you get kissing scenes too.

If I have to choose between the shower scene of Song Seung Hun (송승헌) in My Princess which earns him ‘The Hand Towel’ endearment and the ‘bed scene’ in The Actress is Too Much, I’ll choose the later any day, any time.

I find Nabi to be quite endearing. Not as endearing as Chon Song Yi (Gianna Jun’s character in My Love from another Star/별에서 그대) but in her own way she is kind of cute.

I’d love to write more about this movie, but since I hate spoilers, I’ll take you as one of those who also hate it. So, this is it. But, if you happen to have the same taste with me you’ll love this one too.
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