Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Review: Fantasy Couple & Get Karl! Oh Suh Jang

I've finished watching Fantasy Couple (FC) with Oh Ji Ho (OJH)as the male lead. A couple of days prior to FC, I just finished watching Get Karl, Oh Su Jang (GKOSJ) also with OJH as the male lead.

There are slight similarities between the female lead characters in Fantasy Couple and the lead in the Get Karl, Oh Su Jang. Both of them are considered as superficial, self-centered girls, without sensitive bones/heart in their bodies.

When in fact they are misunderstood by most people around them. In their own ways they are quite good, honest, responsible and caring, though perhaps with a touch or more pride than their ordinary counterparts.

On the other hand, there are, thanks God, no similarities between OJH's roles in both FC and GKOSJ.

I'm not impressed with OJH's acting as Karl, in Get Karl, Oh Su Jang. He doesn't look very convincing there. His looks and his incredible body help a lot to distract his female fans from scrutinizing his acting. But his performance improved significantly in Fantasy Couple. But I need to tell you that I love him.

For those who want to see a rude, hateful but lonely heiress, who doesn't know a thing besides giving orders and buying things she wants, including her husband with her money, learning the meaning of love, happiness and purpose in life, fantasy couple might suit you.

For my many sister old maids out there, you could relate to Oh Su Jang experiences in GKOSJ and get your hopes up again and renew your belief that your waiting for Mr. Right is not going to be wasted away... you'll get Oh Ji Ho in the end ^-^

what I love most about Korean movies is its very silliness, its portrayal of people's weaknesses and strengths and its optimistic outlook at life.

Hope is a very important thing in one's life. If there's no hope there's no point in living.

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