Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Review: Mike He's Weekend

Spending the weekend by watching Mike He's movies gave me a new appreciation of his talent. He's not just another model turned into movie star. Besides having the good looks, surprise surprise, he could actually act.

I started the the journey with Love Contract in which he plays a quiet, hard working, swimming team leader. Then continued with Devil Beside You, where he was casted as the most scariest student in the university, with harsh devil may care manner. The contrasts between these two characters showcased his abilities to act.

Despite his good looks, and his ability to act, I don't think he's succeeded in turning me into one of his fans. I'm not saying I don't like him. Because I do.

However, among Taiwanese young stars, I think I still like Jerry Yan the most. There are so many memorable scenes (with his memorable facial expressions) from Meteor Garden which have been in printed in my mind - and many others- I guess, which would be hard to replace by other actors.

Anyway, if you like Mike He, go and watch Devil Beside You, it's worth your time. I'm not so sure about Love Contract, but if you like Ariel Lin, then of course you need to see it. They make an interesting couple.

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