Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Review: Thank You

It's one of the newest Korean series I watched.

The storyline is quite good. The story makes you cry and laugh at the same time. However, there's no sudden death of the main characters as common in the old Korean movies/drama series. And I love the fact that even the kid with the HIV still lives and leading a happy life at the end of the series.

But what really strikes me as memorable is the theme song with the same title by Hun (Kumapsumida/Thank You). It's really sweet,touching and full of feelings. It portrays the conflicts between the main characters quite nicely. It's definitely one of the best theme songs I've heard in a long time.

Here's the text for you who are also crazy about it (you could hear the song in youtube):

Tangsinun paboneyo.
Chongmal kumapsumnida.
Nahana bakke murugo.
Akimob shita chun saram.
(A fool you are. Really...thank you. You who only see me, who give. Everything to me..without sparing).

Tangsinun chonsaneyo.
Terolhimdelgo chitchiltende.
Amugotomul kodomun saramu.
Pyonhamob shimido chuneyo.
(An angel you are. It must be hard and tiring for you at times. But you believe in me, without wavering. When I have nothing to show).

Isanghajo kudennumul semi.
Apado nalwiye.
(Isn't it strange, it seems. You have no tears. Even when you are in pains. You smile for me)

Kudekyote chongmal.
Hemuke sho-u-neyo.
Mokkute chainun kumal.
Chongmal sarang hamnida
(I smile because I'm happy by your side. These words I've kept at the bottom of my throat. I really love you...)

Motharun monane sarang.
Ijesoya marane yongmal.
Kudeisso sarang kaju.
(My foolish love.Which cannot be expressed. Now I finally said this. I live because you exist)

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