Thursday, November 27, 2014

Jo Hyun Jae as a Candidate for the Male lead in Hong Sisters’ New Drama for MBC

If I were given a chance to propose a list of male leads for Hong Sisters’ new drama, I would put Jo Hyun Jae’s name on the top of the list.

Hong Jung Eun and Hong Mi Ran have worked with a number of impressive male leads before and if I’m not mistaken almost all of them are at the same age with Jo Hyun Jae.
If I were from Jo Hyun Jae’s agency I’ll try my best to get his name on their next project.

Admittedly their latest drama Big with Gong Yoo is not a good example of how entertaining and smart their dramas could be, however all their previous male lead characters are very entertaining, weirdly adorable and quirkily smart.

A role that would be a change for Jo Hyun Jae who is always so immaculately perfect and gorgeous in all his previous roles.

I heard he wants to get a new image, well, if that’s true, he doesn’t have to be a villain, all he has to do is getting a leading role in the Hong Sisters’ drama.

Being a little bit crazy and perhaps over the top will completely change his image. Unless for the first time ever the Hong Sisters are going to create a new male lead with a totally new character that is so diverse from all the previous ones.

Whatever the case might be I still want to see him in their new drama next year.

Is it possible to influence the sisters by sending lots and lots of Jo Hyun Jae’s pictures?

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