Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Blatant Discrimination Against Women: Virginity Test

I’m not a champion of women’s rights and such but this is just too much too accept quietly even for the indifferent me.

I've been wanting to know who is the genius in our Police Force Department that comes up with this very brilliant idea of creating a new hiring discrimination against women.

Yes, against women for I don’t think there’s a virginity test for male applicants. Hence, our Police Force is only hiring virgin female applicants.

Of course they quickly try to polish this unpalatable fact by saying that it’s not a virginity test but a reproductive test to ensure that all their female applicants are having healthy reproductive organs.

I hope that helpful genius could explain to the ignorant me slowly and clearly how would that help with their work?

So what if they could never ever have children? They are not applying to be his girlfriend, wife or daughter in law – yes, I’m sure this genius is a male and not a female.

Or is there something about our police women’s job desk that I don’t know about that requires them to be a virgin? Or, as they say having a healthy reproductive system?

If a female applicant is found out to be no longer a virgin but she’s having a very healthy reproductive organ and they decide not to hire her, how could she ever protest that decision?

It’s impossible for her to sue the Police Force Department for discrimination since she would have to air her dirty laundry to all sundry.

And by the way why not having a sexual orientation test as well while you’re at it? Ah, but of course it’s not a sexual orientation test it’s phychological test or whatever.

Like before I’ll also need a slow and detail explanation on the relation between someone’s sexual orientation and their job in the Police Force Department.

It’s hard not being a genius, I often experience difficulties in understanding what’s going on around me.

It would be a lot easier to understand if they just say ‘We don’t want to hire sluts or immoral women’ and ‘Gay’.

Therefore I’ll take it that they will only receive the most pious God fearing folks into the forces. Which of course is a very good news.  A cause to celebrate. I’m sure Indonesia will have the most trusted, clean, and admirable Police Force in the whole world.

No longer will they be placed amongst 3 most corrupt institutions in the country.

Our forces could be utilized to preach on morality to the immoral public and on occasion they could also be dispatched to replace some of our clerics who couldn’t make it to the Mosques.

Wow, I’m totally impressed now by how a genius mind work.

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