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Episode 10 Review of the Greatest Marriage (최고의 결혼)

I think this is the best episode so far.
I ranted about Park Tae Yun and Hyun Myung Yi a lot in the previous episodes, both of whom I don’t even care. The fact that I have to talk so much about them only raises my blood pressure.

It doesn’t bother me that they get more screen time than Cha Ki Young and Jo Eun Cha. But having to waste my time watching their outrageous behaviours make me realize that this is the reason why although I’m loving the Greatest Marriage this drama doesn’t make me happy.

Thanks God that my misery is about to end.

This episode is better than the previous ones because I don’t have to watch the appalling duo as much as before. I’m also pleased to see that each of them is going to pay for their respective deeds.

I’ll consider being married to each other as a good enough punishment for them.

Just like when I had no sympathy for Hyun Myung Yi when she lost her baby I also have no sympathy for Park Tae Yun when it finally dawns on him that he is losing Cha Ki Young and his son for good.

Hyun Myung Yi’s greatest punishment is not losing her baby or becoming the new slave in Park’s family household, but being in love with Park Tae Yun.

I know she repeatedly says she doesn’t love him. But I don’t believe her. She might want to convince herself that she really doesn’t love him, but the way she reacts towards Cha Ki Young and Park Tae Yun’s indifference towards her is the reactions of a jealous woman.

Nevertheless, she is the luckiest second female lead in kdrama land, she gets to marry the man of her dream.

This episode makes me happy for various reasons.

Firstly, I get a reassurance that my ship will sail. No, I’m not talking about Cha Ki Young and Jo Eun Cha, I’m talking about the only member of Park family that I like. Park Sun Nyo.

I’m shipping the crazy sister and the emergency husband.  They look good together. I love it whenever she gives him a call and whiningly says ‘Yobo’.

Despite Pedro being the younger one, he is more mature and wiser than the older Park Sun Nyo. And the age gap doesn’t show. She looks quite young for a 40 year old.

I was afraid that my ship had sunk after that hotel scene when she went crazy on him and seeing how cold and cruel he was towards her.

He says he wants to give all his wives a gift before leaving for his military service, but I don’t believe it. Let’s say he doesn’t lie and really gives them a little present or something. But his present for Park Sun Nyo is more than just a little something. He goes out of his way when it comes to her. I’m sure it’s not because she pays him more.

I think the most likely reason is because amongst all his wives, she is special to him.

I love his statement in the police station saying Park Sun Nyo has nothing to do with the attack against Jo Eun Cha. I love his automatic reaction to defend and protect her from Jo Eun Cha’s wrath. I love the revelation in his comment about how he actually sees her.

It sounds a lot like a confession of love. Too bad Park Sun Nyo is rather dense when it comes to love.

I love it when Park Sun Nyo goes to the train station to see him off on his D-day. I love it when she carefully offers him a check as a parting gift – apparently she still doesn’t get the lesson that Pedro tries so hard to teach her.

But what I love the most is Pedro’s parting give for her. Unfortunately I don’t think she’ll ever guess what it means or the significant of it.

The second reason why I think episode 10 is the best because this is the episode where I finally fall in love with Cha Ki Young our heroine.

She's awesome, she's courageous, she's smart, she's practical, she's decisive, in short you can't help but root and wish the best for her. The problem is I love her without really love her if you know what I mean. I fall in love with her during the breast feeding scene. The moment she realizes what it means to be a mother. It’s incredibly touching.

I love seeing how exited she is about going to work complete with her mini box. She needs to come not just because she loves her job but most importantly because she needs to protect it.

So, I don’t want her to run away back home like that in the middle of live broadcasting, saying that she doesn’t even care if they want to fire her.

It’s the perfect show of unprofessionalism. It’s the perfect example why it’s more difficult for women to climb to the top of the ladder than men, because when they have to choose between their job or their family, women will always choose their family.

But on the other hand, I love her for doing exactly what I don’t want her to do.

And then there is Jo Eun Cha. I love how he is basically still the same Jo Eun Cha and doesn’t change into an awesome man that we hardly recognize. I love his craftiness and his exuberance in everything he does.

I love seeing his interaction with his loyal underling. The way his underling quickly pushes and cuts the other reporter when that nuisance wants to interview Cha Ki Young instead of Jo Eun Cha who is pouring his heart out to the viewers is impressive.

But what I love the most about Jo Eun Cha in this episode is the fact that he manages to keep his mouth shut and not uttering a single word about firing Cha Ki Young when the bosses of the station is discussing their next move against her.

I agree with his sunbae boss that being a politician will suit him perfectly.

He has the brain, he has the craftiness needed to wage war against other politicians, he has no shame what so ever to kiss ass, and he is able to appear sincere enough to convince other people.

But the most important thing about Jo Eun Cha that will help his career as a politician if he ever decides to try his luck again is the fact that despite all his short comings, when the time comes to do the right thing, he’ll do it.

I don’t forget all the good things he did for Cha Ki Young.

Starting from buying her a pear when she was sick, coming to the hospital when she was about to deliver her baby, staying with her so she didn’t have to be there all by herself.

Yes, he gets something out of it too. But the point is I believe he’ll do exactly the same thing even if he doesn’t get any benefits at all. His comment when he met Cha Ki Young at a restaurant where she eat alone has revealed that he perfectly understands how difficult life is to be a single mother.

This ship of mine hasn’t sailed yet. But I’m still hoping that it will. I’m waiting for the right wind to come.

-     I see that we’re going to have a time jump in the next episode. ? Is it to prevent Park Tae Yun from giving Hyun Myung Yi one child a year (although from the look of it it’s going to be amnesia)? Or is it to make us forget and forgive? To give sort of a clean slate for all characters?
-     I never like a time jump, it’s a tool that writers use to force us to except a drastic change.
-     Hopefully this time jump is invented to help us manage with the loss of Pedro during his military service and giving a necessary time for Chan Dan to grow.  
-     I absolutely going to hate it if the time jump is invented simply to prevent Park Tae Yun from sleeping with Hyun Myung Yi. Not sleeping with her is one of his decisions that I really hate, not that I don’t hate his other decisions, but this one is totally ridiculous. News flash, he slept with her often enough to get her pregnant when he was still single and in love with other woman. And now that he marries her he doesn’t want to sleep with her? What in the world?!
-     I’m going to root for Hyun Myung Yi to get his baby. She needs an heir to change her status into Samonim. Who knows the time jump will make me love her.

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