Thursday, November 13, 2014

Episode 9 Review of the Greatest Marriage (최고의 결혼)

This episode is full of good news for everyone.

Whichever camps you’re in – I’m assuming there are three camps here, Park Tae Yun’s, Jo Eun Cha’s and Cha Ki Young’s – you might find that episode 9 will revive your spirit a little bit.

What are the good news?

Firstly, we finally have a new born baby to adore. He is the only character in this drama that will get the full love and support of everyone. Viewers and actors alike.

Secondly, Jo Eun Cha is signing the hospital paper work that basically declares he is the father of Cha Ki Young’s son. Yay!

Thirdly, Hyun Myung Yi has lost her baby. Which I think is the best news ever for those in Park Tae Yun’s camp. Even I who don’t root for Park Tae Yun is pleased by the miscarriage.

The only person who is devastated by the lost of the baby is Hyun Myung Yi herself. Although I’m not convinced that she mourns the lost of her baby for the right reasons.

It’s more likely what she really mourns is the lost of her most powerful weapon. Her golden ticket to get everything she wants from her extremely wealthy in laws.

It sounds awful to be happy when a life has just lost but it’s really hard for me to sympathize with her misfortune. That girl just doesn’t inspire love. So what if you’re not rich and can’t be with your parents. Your crying doesn’t move me.

There are millions of other people who don’t even have a roof on top of their heads. There are millions of other people who don’t even know whether they can eat today.

And there are millions of children out there who are orphans. Little kids who have to fend for themselves. Little kids who’ll never see their parents ever again.

If not having a penthouse and luxurious lifestyle or your parents with you justified the kind of behaviour Hyun Myung Ki displays, are we going to be understanding if those poor people turn bad and do whatever they can to better their lives?

Park Tae Yun is detestable. But Hyun Myung Yi is just as detestable if not more so in a completely different way.

Despite not liking this pair – I’m sick and tired of their behaviours, I want them to grow up and be a better person (although there is a possibility that this show will increase their loathsomeness instead).

The lost of their child is actually a good chance for both of them. It offers them a second chance that will define their characters and the rest of their lives.

Park Tae Yun has been given a chance to rethink about what he really wants in his life. Does he still want to stay married to Hyun Myung Ki? Does he still want Cha Ki Young to be his mistress with Hyun Myung Ki as his wife?

What are his true feelings towards these women?

At this point I no longer believe that he loves Cha Ki Young. Nor do I believe that he sleeps with Hyun Myung Ki and marries her just to spite Cha Ki Young and his parents.

I’ve come to a conclusion that the most important thing for Park Tae Yun is Park Tae Yun. I dare you to prove me wrong show.

Park Tae Yun might be relief that the chain that ties him to Hyun Myung Yi is finally gone. He might feel a little bit guilty and sorry for her plight but the most important thing is what is he going to do about it?

Will he run to Cha Ki Young to relay that awesome news to her? Or will he stay by Hyun Myung Yi’s side and make the best of their marriage?

Knowing Park Tae Yun he might tell Cha Ki Young he still wants her to be his mistress while staying married to Hyun Myung Yi, and generously advising her that if her performance as his mistress is satisfactory he’ll consider elevating her status into a legit one once his marriage is over.

Yeah, good luck with that. He’s the most delusional man on the planet if that’s the route he’s taking. And the most stupid. Which doesn’t make sense since he actually has a decent brain.

I prefer to think that he’s been thinking to give Cha Ki Young the right to raise their child all along, and the mistress business is just a move to save face. This is more consistent with the argument that he really loves her and not just wanting her killer body.

On Hyun Myung Yi’s side, although she has lost her weapon, she doesn’t need to worry. She shouldn’t lose hope and bounce right back. Five years is a long time. It’s been proven that Park Tae Yun enjoys making love to her, all she has to do is getting herself pregnant one more time.

She also has a new weapon to control Park Tae Yun. His guilt, that’s assuming he has any. And her bereavement. She’s a sly fox. I have no doubt that if she plays her cards right, she would be able to capture Park Tae Yun’s heart.

Men are known to be fools in front of pretty faces and hapless women. The more vulnerable they look, the more power they have over men. That’s all for Hyun Myung Yi’s benefits.

Too bad for those who are also happy that Hyun Myung Yi has lost her baby. I would be extremely surprised if the show gives us their divorce. It wouldn’t have given us a wedding in the first place if they don’t mean business with it.

And lastly, for those in Cha Ki Young’s camp who want her to stay single. Up to this episode she still shows no interest in Jo Eun Cha. Nor she tries to involve him in her personal life even when she needs help the most.

Jo Eun Cha is the one who is willingly getting himself involved in her personal affairs. I’m afraid he’s going to be more involved than he has bargained for. But that baby is going to melt his resistance and annoyance.

By the look on his face he has already falling head over heel in love with that tiny little thing. 

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