Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Episodes 3 and 4 of the Birth of Beauty (미녀의 탄생)

Do I still love this drama? Yes I do. More than before.

It’s simply impossible not to love this show when it has the cutest, most adorable and lovable OTP ever!

I’m squeeing whenever the two of them start huddling and putting their heads together. The brain and the beauty.  Although it doesn’t mean that the one who professes to have superior brain doesn’t have the look.

And like wise it doesn’t mean that the beauty doesn’t have brain either. I’m pretty sure Sara has enough brains in her pretty little head – although may be not as good as Tae Hee’s.

It’s more likely that she never used those cells for a more tasking job than thinking about what to buy at the market, and what to cook for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Plus only thinking the best of others.

When Sara and Tae Hee are together I can’t help but smiling, giggling or sighing with pleasure. Sometimes it feels like I’m looking at a playful pair of puppies or kittens.

They are killing me with their cuteness.

Every time Han Tae Hee mentions his superior brain my belief that he does have a super brain shake a little. Not because I don’t think he isn’t a bonafide genius like he often proclaims but because he is the most unconvincing genius I’ve ever seen.

Most of the time he looks like a bum. While not looking like a bum he’ll look like a con artist wannabe. But I’m not complaining for he always looks hot in every scene. Every single one of them. HOT.

I’m sure whatever your expectation was of the Birth of Beauty, it isn’t what it turns out to be.

This drama manages to incorporate love, revenge, greed and murder into a plastic surgery make over. There’s darkness and evil looming around its main leads.

But the leads being Han Ye Seul (Sara) and Joo Sang Wook (Han Tae Hee), they have managed to bring light into this suspense wannabe drama. If you ask me, I honestly don’t know how this pair is going to face their scary enemies.

What are they going to do? Shouting warning like: Watch out I have the brain! And I have the beauty! Meow?

Anyway, the most hilarious, unlikely investigators in drama land have been born. Their job description: the brain to lead (translation lounging on the couch presumably while doing some strategic thinking, the beauty to investigate (namely doing all the hard work).

If they are going to succeed it’s going to be because of pure luck. Let’s have a look at the examples of their teamwork.

Exhibit A:
When Sara is about to greet her evil husband without preparing an excuse after ditching him in the middle of their rendezvous, Tae Hee stops her and patronizingly chide her for not thinking of something first. The end result: Sara goes out to greet Lee Gang Jun in all black. When he asks if someone dear to her has died, she sadly nods saying that her beloved dog dies.

Exhibit B:
When they are about to be caught red handed in the middle of their daring investigation at Sara’s in laws’ house, all Tae Hee could think of is spreading his arms widely apart while hiding Sara inside his coat, saying to her sister in law that his zipper is stuck, he shouldn’t be surprised hearing her eager response to give him a hand now should he?

So you see how could Lady Luck not love this beautifully hilarious couple?

And like Han Tae Hee says, which I whole heartedly agree with. ‘I believe that good will win in the end.’

He might fear that evilness will turn people into the dark path but none goes to that path except the evil ones. 

Sara will want to have her revenge now that she fully understands the evil nature of those around her (except for her father in law everyone else doesn’t deserve to be spared).

But despite wanting to exact her revenge she’ll never be evil because of the goodness that is the core of her being.

On the other hand Tae Hee’s beloved gentle looking Gyo Chae Yon has already been in the dark path for seven long years without even caring of that shameful fact.  

And now, instead of mending her way she joyfully embraces the darkness. Why? Because deep down inside, underneath all her goodness and gentleness hides an evil that she keeps and guards carefully.


I hope Grandma has half the brain that her grandson has so that she could protect herself from her evil grandson and daughter in law. Those mother and son are pure evil. I don’t think mere spending time behind bars would satisfy me when it comes to them.

One more thing, I'm 100% sure that Sara's in laws' house is exactly the same house that Joo Sang Wook builds for his ex wife in Sly and Single Again!

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