Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Greatest Marriage (최고의 결혼) Review: Episode 12

*Sigh. Take a deep breath.*

It's not like I don't realize this show increases my blood pressure. I've resigned to the fact that I'm actually watching a show that doesn't make me happy. However, this particular episode makes that realization acutely painful.

Had it filled solely with craziness, I won't feel this kind of discontentment. Had it filled only with detestable deeds/scenes I won't feel this upset.

Seeing snippets of what kind of life the thresome Cha Ki Young, Cha Dan and Jo Eun Cha could have together makes watching the kidnapping scene more unbearable. 

I’ve never resented the writer, director, PD, or whoever involves in the production of this drama before, but this time I do.

What they did in episode 12 is similar to inviting me to a banquet, let me have a spoon or two of the delicious meals and then flipping the table when the spoon hasn’t even left my mouth yet.

I’m royally pissed off because this episode makes me happy and angry almost at the same time.

The return of Pedro with his feelings for Park Sun Nyo still intact is one of the things that I really like. In a drama where all the male leads are basically assholes Pedro is like a perfect angel.

I love seeing how even when he’s in surrounded by tall, willowy beauties his eyes are able to catch Park Sun Nyo who is trying to get another look at him. The crazy sister is the luckiest woman here.

That scene is one of my favourites besides all the 3 Chas’ scenes.

Now, things that royally piss me off. No, not things, but THE THING that upset me the most. Jo Eun Cha. Yes, I’m telling you it’s Jo Eun Cha.

You might not be surprised if you’re one of those who feel like smacking him now and then. But I never hated him before and I still don’t hate him now, unfortunately, this time around he’s succeeded in making me really angry.

No. I’m beyond angry. I feel like sending him Pedro with another hard lesson.

He is saved by Hyun Myung Yi from doing the monstrous deed of betraying Cha Ki Young with what she values the most.

We don’t see him actually doing the bad deed, there’s always a possibility that he might change his mind at the very last minute (he did it once when he decided that instead of bowing at the feet of the senator’s wife by replacing Cha Ki Young with a new MC in her fashion show, he made a stand to use Cha Ki Young instead) and choose to defy President Park’s order, but I don’t care.

We’re already at episode 12, there’s only 4 episodes left. Jo Eun Cha needs to reform now, if he is ever going to.

It is extremely annoying to see how this Jo Eun Cha, who has gotten to know Cha Ki Young and genuinely loves Cha Dan could even entertain the thought of handing over his ‘son’ to that crazy old man.

If he wants to be a great senator or even a President he needs to have a backbone and fight for what he cares for. No matter how fake politicians are, they need to have something genuine as their cause. Something that makes people believe in them.

Jo Eun Cha’s perfect cause is Cha Ki Young.

President Park might make things difficult for him if he dares to defy him but doesn’t Jo Eun Cha realize that he needs to fight against people like President Park if he wants to win in the election fighting for Cha Ki Young’s cause.


And then there’s Park Tae Yun. The scumbag has returned.

I still don’t care about him. I still have no sympathy what so ever for his misery. He has created his own hell, so he should at least have a decency to live with it.

But, we’re already at episode 12. Isn’t it about time for him to grow up? To stop being a useless scumbag and be useful for once. He can die afterward for all I care.

But right now Cha Ki Young needs help. His crazy parents and evil wife are turning her life into hell. What right do they have to do that? Isn’t it enough that their own son destroys her life once?

It’s time for Park Tae Yun to wake up and do something right. For once. Knowing him, I’m afraid to hope. But, we’re already at episode 12 people! 12! Do something!

You can’t expect us to see exactly the same thing over and over again now do you?!

We need to see happy scenes, lots and lots of it. We need to feel good about something. We need to be rewarded after enduring all the previous episodes with patience and forbearance.

At least I do.

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