Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Greatest Marriage (최고의 결혼) Review: Episode 13

This show is definitely not for those who love light, fluffy, romantic comedy with no fondness for melodrama. I wish I could stop watching it. But at this juncture I've lost that option.

At episode 13 the Greatest Marriage has finally become just another melo drama, something it was definitely not at its beginning. As crazy and painful the previous journey was I appreciate its ‘uniqueness’.

Now, we have a father who looks like he is about to die, a son who suddenly realizes the loves he has for his abhorrent father – blood is thicker than water after all –, a second male lead who turns evil because of his love being spurned (as if being loathsome is not enough) but hey, this is Park Tae Yun we’re talking about. He excels at going lower than your expectation.

But what I find most difficult to accept is a female lead who now become a damsel in distress (the kind of female lead that I dislike the most). Where is her strength? Where is her courage? Where is her brain and her sharpness?

Yes, love is a weakness. But it’s also a strength.

It makes you weak because you don’t want to hurt your loved ones or because you’re afraid of losing them. But it’s also the best source of power to fuel your fight against whatever obstacles stand in your way.

Being a chaebol doesn’t give you the right to do whatever you want to do. You’re not above the law. You might be able to buy some people and bend rules here and there to your liking but the world isn’t blind.

The Park family has money and power on their side, plus, crazy twisted minds to run amok amongst weak people who can be bought.

But, are the society as weak, blind, unjust and crazy as they are?  Is justice and sane people no longer exist?

Cha Ki Young’s fight against them is no longer one woman fight. She might be alone in the drama but the viewers are grinding their teeth in frustration and anger. I’m frustrated and outraged.

In this fight between the powerful against the powerless the outcome is inevitable. We know how it’ll end in real life but this is a drama so I refuse to accept the real life outcome.

I want a happy ending for my drama.

In case the show doesn’t understand the meaning of happy ending (since they seem to rejoice in throwing all those awful, painful, crazy scenes our way I’m afraid they don’t), here’s some suggestions of what will I call a happy end:

  1. Cha Ki Young wins the exclusive right to raise Cha Dan (that household should be banned from having children).
  2. Park Sun Nyo (the only member of Park family that I like) gets to leave her beyond crazy family and lives happily ever after with the best husband in that drama.
  3. Jo Eun Cha wins the election and is set for the next step to the Blue House.
  4. The rest of the Park family disappears from my screen in the last episode and I get my reward for watching this drama till the end in the form of happy scenes between my 3 Chas. Cha Ki Young, Cha Dan and Jo Eun Cha.
3 more to go.

Congratulations to the Greatest Marriage for getting its highest rating with this episode nationwide. If I'm not mistaken 1.754 is considered very high for cable.

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