Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Sex Scandal

It's a disgrace that 2008 has to be opened with a sex scandal. This time the Healh Minister of Malaysia who has the "honor" to come under the limelight beside under the hidden camera of course.

I've never had high regards for the honor and sense of commitment and responsibilities of our male population to begin with, but I'm afraid this latest scandal had dragged it another notch lower.

The poor wife had given a standard statement which had become rather familiar as it was stated by many other shameful politician housewives whose husbands got caught by the public cheating on her.

With so many high profile sex scandals blown up by the media, with Clinton's still hanging on at the top one, I wonder why those powerful men - who actually are not powerful at all since they could easily be lured and swayed by the forbidden pleasure of the flesh- are still harboring an illusion that they would never be caught.

It boggles my mind. I guess I could never understand how their minds work. I guess I could never understand, how they could easily betrayed the trust which had been given to them, not only by their family members, but also by the public.

And most of all, I think I would never understand how those politician wives could forget and forgive.
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