Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Our World

2007 was closed by a tragic event of assassination of Benazir Bhutto. Shocking as it was it served as a grim reminder that we’re living in a very dangerous and uncertain world, in which the prevailing laws are might, power and arms. We’re so used to hearing people died of unnatural causes of violent death that we no longer raised an eye brow.

This millennium had helplessly watched how a sovereign country was attacked by the world super power and its allies. We looked with chagrin how a democratically elected party in one country was denounced by other countries which normally sang high praises for those who practiced it.

We hardly got shocked when while on the one hand a certain country was sitting on a negotiating table with her nemesis, on the other hand it continued her attacked and oppression on that particular country it was negotiating with and heedlessly go on her merry way to implementing other unlawful moves, namely building new settlements, which had been declared unlawful by the UN – all during a peace negotiation conference brokered by her strongest supporter/ally.

As if those are not bad enough, we are also getting used to seeing other people in other continent died of famine from our TV set in our air conditioning bedroom or living room while munching various dangerous unhealthy goodies.

We are so used to seeing injustices unfolded on our world stage without realising that those grotesque, unpalatable, frustrating, infuriating, heartbreaking scenes were poisoning our sense of humanity and rightness to a slow death.

A portion of the world population are enjoying all the best it can offer, while the other less unfortunate portion are enduring the worst it can offer. Why is that? Is it really the destiny of those unfortunate people to live so poorly and desperately? Are we going to conveniently blame God for all those sufferings and wash our hands off of any blames and responsibilities?

Some of the misfortunes and sufferings in this world or in our lives are indeed beyond our control. And for those very few things it’s fair if we want take comfort and say those were our destiny and there’s nothing we can do to alter it. But the major portion of the calamities and injustices which I mentioned above were the results of the decisions made by few men. Like it or not, it’s their decisions which shape the world the way it is today. They made decision to go to war, and the rest of the population had to bear its consequences. They made their bid to power, and the rest of their people had to shoulder the costs of their ride to power. Are the faults entire theirs then? Enticing as it is to put all the blames on their privilege shoulders, I’m sorry to point out that they wouldn’t be there if you didn’t support them in the first place. So part of the blames are yours.

Is 2008 going to be any different? I don’t know. We might not have the power to change the world. However, we do the have power to make changes regarding our on lives and those around us. What we need are courage and conviction to do what is right and make necessary changes in our own little world and have faith that people are the key to a better future. If we could create a better people we’re creating a better world. It might not happen in a day. But it will happen eventually.

Be careful with your vote. Putting the wrong people in the wrong place could bring disaster and dire consequences to our world.

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