Monday, January 7, 2008

Review: Hello God

Hating hospital and loving a happy ending as much as I do, I guess it’s only to be expected that I’m not much of a fan of hospital/doctors/patients related themes in movies since most of them ended with the death of one of the leading characters. More outdated Korean movies/series and even some of the current ones just love to do that and ruin the enjoyment of watching the whole episode, at least for me and I believe quite few others. I understand that in some cases that very sad endings are what made those few movies/series memorable. However, I still hate it.

Thank You is one of the exceptions in that genre. Now, I just found out that Hello God could be included in as one. I don’t want to give too much spoilers in any review that I write, so suffice it to say that the mentally ill male lead lives.

I don’t know whether Hello God could be put at the same par with Thank You. But I’d say it’s worth watching. Good enough to make me watch it continuously and weeping in some scenes. Well, to be honest, you could take the weeping out since I weep quite easily while watching heart breaking scenes, but it takes a lot to capture my attention and glued my eyes to the screen. And that’s say something about Hello God.

One of the things that I like in Hello God is its female character. I always have a soft spot for strong and independent female leads. Seo Eunyee was a con artist. Then ex-convict. She loved money more than anything else. Park Dongjee was a brilliant neurologist/surgeon. He was cold, persevere, successful and good looking. My favourite recipes for male lead. However, there was this retarded Haru who represent everything that those two leads were not. The three of them met when Seo Eunyee was on her chase for her former partner who took away her money from their last action.

I hope that’s enough spoilers for you to decide. Happy watching and hunting.
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