Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Barack Obama: Wind of Change

The presidential campaign in the United Sates is probably the most watched presidential campaign in this century. I don’t usually become fascinated with political campaign, but this time I am.

My interest was piqued after Barack Obama won Iowa. I started to wonder, whether it’s possible for the United States – the so called biggest sponsor of democracy, anti-racial slogan, multi-cultural jargon etc, to finally show the world that they’re not only good at preaching those values, but also excel in implementing it by electing Barack Obama their president.

If he ever won this election, he might not only write a new history for the American students to learn, but he might also change the world, for better, I hope. He would have the chance to improve the good image of the US which has been destroyed by aggressive policies and stances taken by the current administration.

He could start a new beginning by offering olive branches to countries considered hostile to the US. He could implement new approaches, less aggressive stances, and using more soft-power to get better results in creating a better future not only for the American citizens, but the citizen of the world as well.

I don’t know how’s Obama’s popularity in other countries where the US has been seen as a rogue county, a bully, an aggressor and other less than flattering names, but here in Indonesia he’s certainly received a favourable opinion mostly due to the nostalgic reasons. Yes, he once studied here in Jakarta. And every Indonesian knows that by now. Well…it might be an exaggeration by saying every Indonesian, perhaps many is a more politically correct word.

The world doesn’t have a say in this critical decision. It’s time for the average Americans to decide what they want. Whether they’re happy with the current situation and how the world is shaping and heading. Or whether they want to take matters into their own hands and start to write a new history.

Voting is a very important job and difficult decision, especially if you're choosing the president of the US. So, do it well, and you're doing a very good deed for the rest of the world.
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