Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Review: Marcopolo Hotel

I know it is not fair to rave or rant about something just because of one particular thing about it. But, what can I say I’m totally blown away by one special thing at Marcopolo Hotel in Davao. It makes me realize how special the minority or handicapped people feel when the majority pays attention to their needs.

I never thought that Marcopolo Hotel would have a praying room (Muslim praying room) not because it’s in the Philippines where the majority of the people are Catholics, but because even in the five star hotels in Jakarta where the Muslims are the majority they don’t provide us with one.

Well, okay, they do. But, not right next door to the meeting room. They would put it somewhere at a far flung place that necessitates you to go around asking for direction. And guess what? Most of the time we would end up in the basement.

How about Marcopolo? Not only the praying room is right outside of the meeting room, it is also very presentable. I’m impressed.
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