Tuesday, October 13, 2015

New Presidential Candidates

As a foreigner my opinion won't count at all on the Presidential election in the United States. But as the world has become one global village with the US as a global power house I'm sure the rest of the world is paying attention to the election there.

During the Republican debate the only good thing that I learned was how awesome their only female candidate was (the very female candidate that had been ridiculed by their front runner) compared to that very candidate that makes most non US citizens cringing just imagining him as the leader of the civilized world.

But in the debate of the democrats I found that not only I found a new candidate that I could see as a new world leader besides Hillary Clinton but that the debate itself was really good compared to the previous Republican debate.

I had absolutely no knowledge of other Democrats that are running for President besides Hillary Clinton but after this debate I have to say that I love Bernie Sanders performance (another person that was being ridiculed by the Republican front runner because of his name).

My favorite moment was when he stood up and defended Hillary Clinton on her emails issues. I love that moment. I have no love for politicians but I love them when they do this kind of thing.

And when CNN shot him and his wife, I felt the urge to vote for him simply because of his wife. She looks exactly like many other housewives around the world. She doesn't look like most previous first ladies or sophisticated politician wives, she looks warm and ordinary which in my book is a very good thing.

If Hillary Clinton somehow falters in this Presidential race, I could imagine them in the White House doing a lot of good things for many people. Bernie Sanders is definitely a much better alternative than the Republican front runner who loves to throw insults and is more fun to watch on the small screen but not on the world stage.

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