Friday, April 5, 2013

Who Needs to be Wiped Out of the Face of the Earth?

The answer is the warmongers. Any peace loving human being should seriously consider a war against these people. If there are things that really needed to be wiped out of the face of the earth I say wiping these people out is one of our sacred duties.

I have reached my limit when it comes to war. I could no longer follow the details about the fatality in Syria or how many refugees have been exported by that country to its neighboring countries.

I no longer care who’s to blame or what started it all in the first place. I blame the world for doing nothing. For not doing everything it could to stop it from being what it is now. Don’t we learn anything from Iraq?

And as if that’s not enough now we have another imminent war in the horizon.

I’m not Korean, live thousands miles away and have nothing at stake had an attack really occur, well, except for my obsession with Korean dramas and my fear for not being able to watch a new drama, just kidding! Now, seriously, the stance taken by the North bothers me tremendously.

The statement made by the South Korean President that this time around they’re not going to let an attack on Korean soil without retaliation increases my worry ten folds. I understand her position completely. But her neighbor is not sane. A retaliation from South Korea would mean a full fledged war.  And once a war is started it’s not that easy to stop.

I know most Korean younger generation doesn’t believe that the North will attack their country. Perhaps its the same belief that we have here that there will never be a war between Indonesia and Malaysia no matter how bad the relationship between our countries appear to be on the news. Because no matter how many people seemed to be outraged over whatever issues at hand and cry out for war we know that there are many more sensible people who won’t sit back and let this country be led to war.   

The majority never wants war it’s always a selected few who has something  at stake or wants something out of it that propels the rest to this path of destruction.

The world would be a better place if we could wipe out these people, isolated them, or better yet register them into Hunger Game. See how they’ll like that! 
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