Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Still In Love with Jerry Yan

It’s been years since Meteor Garden but the love remains. No matter how much I love Joe Cheng and Mike He I still love Jerry Yan the most. 

It breaks my heart to see his teary eyes when he dedicated a love song to unnamed woman during Mayday’s concert last year.

Please sister, whoever you are, please don’t break his heart like that. 

I know rumors are rampant about Lin Chi Ling and how much he loves her. Well, I don’t follow gossips, even about my beloved, but whatever their issues are I hope they could solve it between themselves.

I know real life is nothing like dramas that we watch where we’ll always get a happy ending or get to threaten the writers to give us one. But it’s even more important than dramas therefore there’s more reasons to have a happy ending in our lives.

I hope this year will bring a lot of happiness to Jerry Yan and will give him what is best for him. If that woman is not for him, may he find someone else who’ll bring even more joy than the one he loved before.

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