Thursday, April 18, 2013

Please Use Discretion When Reading

I never realize before what a difficult request that is →: asking people to use discretion.

The stupid people should not be asked to use their own discretion. Discretion could only be made by those with enough brain power, experiences, sensibility and a little bit of foresight.

The stupid people don’t have the ability to judge, or to make the correct/right choices/decisions when they are given a certain condition. Their choices/decisions will very likely have dire consequences or cause inconveniences to others.

Though it might not be apparent from my writing I’m one of the most even tempered persons you’ll ever know, in my defense – this is the place where I rant and rave – so when I’m here I either rant or rave. But my patience is sorely tried whenever I have to deal with people who don’t have enough brain.

I know it’s not their fault that they are stupid. They are born with limited brain. And it’s not my accomplishment either that my brain is superior than theirs because I was also born with it.

Nevertheless, they can really irritate you without even trying or meaning to. Knowing that it still takes some effort to remember that they didn’t do it on purpose.

Only after you calm down you can think that the stupid one is you because obviously you’re not clever enough to make thing perfectly clear so that the stupid people won’t rile you with their mistakes.  That it is your fault for not making things easier for them to understand.

The conclusion I get from my experience last night:  I’m the stupid one for assuming that other people will act with discretion.

What made me think that it’s such a brilliant idea to put my phone number on my windshield?

Why did I think that it would be used by the owners of the cars that my car was blocking to call me when they happen to leave before I do (which is not very likely since I leave very early, but just in case because I don’t want to inconvenient others like others had been inconveniencing me).

Why didn’t I think that a stupid security will text me (at 11.30 pm when I was already fast asleep) and called me at the most inconvenient time (at 5.30 am) just to say ‘park your car in neutral’.

Hello?! If I happen to use my Suzuki Swift I’ll park my car in neutral without being asked! But when I use my Toyota Rush which happens to use an automatic transmission I have to park in Park!

And that’s why I leave my number! It’s for the owners of the other cars to call me to move my car out of their way and not for you to text or call me when nobody was being inconvenienced!

Take a deep breath. My bad. I’m the stupid one here. Next time, when I have to double park I’ll write a long letter full of Do’s and Don’t heading with a huge Dear… ..

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