Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Review: The Relation of Face, Mind and Love

It’s impossible to watch this film without thinking about Shallow Hall but I’m not going to compare it with Shallow Hall since I no longer remember its details. But I remember the good feeling I had after watching it which I didn’t get after watching The Relation of Face, Mind and Love.

I was like: ‘Why? Why did they have to take that extreme? It could be really good!’

And I hate having that kind of feeling after watching a movie/drama. I watch to be entertained and not to be riled up.

First of all, Kang Ji Hwan is one of my favorites. Therefore watching the Relation of Face, Mind and Love was quite enjoyable for me. It’s a treat to see my Prince looks like a Prince.  

However, as much as I enjoyed seeing Kang Ji Hwan I didn’t feel quite that good afterward, no, even during the watching of the movie.  

I hate the way they portrayed Lee Ji A’s character as a super ugly girl when she’s so far from ugly (adding two more teeth doesn’t change anything). There’s nothing wrong with So Jung Wang besides her teeth. She’s not fat, she’s not short, she’s not deformed, and so many other nots.

Moreover the story happens in South Korea for heaven sake, a country known for its obsession with plastic surgery. What’s so difficult about fixing your teeth when that’s all it takes to turn you into a goddess.

If they made her into an unattractive or a simply plain looking ordinary girl the story would be more believable and easier to swallow. 

Believe it or not I actually like the main characters – although it is done by kicking my brain out so I could accept the premise that she is the ugliest girl in the world and that he (the Prince charming) falls for her anyway.

I like how Tae Pung Kang (Kang Ji Hwan) could see beneath the surface and realize that it’s the girl he has fallen in love with, but I don’t think such a Prince would ever fall for the ugliest girl in the world not when he has so many beautiful great women available for his picking.

I also like Lee Ji A’s character who doesn’t seem to be bothered or depressed by her face that makes her the ugliest girl in the world (she’s so ugly that she turns head and makes people stop whatever they’re doing when they see her).

But where do you find a girl who could be that cheerful, confident and optimistic about everything if she’s that ugly? 

I’m not saying that ugly people should be depressed, lack confidence, and pessimistic, that’s not what I’m trying to say. What I’m trying to say is the message they sent is Lee Ji A’s character looks like an ugly monster when she’s nothing like that nor did she act like that. Things just don’t add up.

Writer-nim, I don’t mind leaving my brain behind and just enjoy whatever I’m watching – I did that all the time – but there are things that will bother you no matter how willing you are and how hard you try to be involved in the story. This is one of those things.

I like The Relation of Face, Mind and Love I only wish that it could be better so instead of just liking it I’ll be loving it. 

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