Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spitzer's: Another Sex Scandal

Watching Spitzer’s faithful, brilliant, and beautiful wife stood beside him to face the public with grim face and gritted teeth once again I felt very disappointed and sadden, not with Spitzer for I don’t know him at all – and I don’t think many American knows who he is before this latest scandal regarding the shady side of their male political figure’s love lives – but with the ugly reality of how utterly untrustworthy, hypocritical, and deceitful the men who are chosen to run the country by their constituents. I’m purposefully didn’t choose ‘most men’ as I believe it’s more difficult to find good, honorable and decent guys in the political arenas than finding gold in the rivers or sewage for that matter.

Eliot Spitzer who was the attorney general before he becomes the Governor of New York had built his career by destroying ring of call girls, while apparently at the same time he’d been enjoying the same service himself.

He knows the in and out of the operation like the back of his hand. He knows the procedures used by the government to trace anybody with connection to this prostitution business.

I wonder whether because he is so expert in this matter he thinks he’ll be caught by no one and nobody could trace his tail. Some source says that Spitzer has very likely spent about US$ 80,000 for his pleasure or downfall, depending how one looks at it I guess.

My disgust for politicians has increased by unprecedented leaps. My respect for men has plummeted farther below zero. My believe in the intelligence of constituents has eroded with alarming speed. And my heart aches when I saw those betrayed wives standing besides their cheating and deceitful husbands.

No women deserved that kind of public humiliation. Those husbands had no rights what so ever to demand their wives to show her public support and endure the results of his infidelity. It’s like putting salt over the wounds. There should be law written against it.

Those men had selfishly loved and enjoyed their affairs so at the very least they should be man enough to shoulder the results of their happy hours. And unlike the betrayed wives who have no choice but to helplessly stand besides these deceitful men, the public should not forgive them!

I long to hear news about someone who could inspire respect and trust in the hearts of his supporters and opponents alike. I sometimes wonder whether that person really exists or whether is it because they’re so honorable all their actions and lives deemed as not news worthy by the media and therefore we don’t know about their existence.

What we’re witnessing on our daily news diet are depressing, disappointing, degenerated and violent news around the world. No wonder we become depressed, stressful, degenerate and violent lot ourselves.
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