Monday, February 25, 2008

Is a Visit by the President and Vice President to Your Office a Good Thing?

Not for me. It’s a bother. We’re told not to bring our cars to the office. All the spaces are to be reserved for the VIP guests.

And how do the big guys propose for their lowly subordinates to come to the office in this rainy season? Are we supposed to use a cab with our meager income? Or try the unreliable not to mention unsafe public transportation – braving the wind, the rain and the floods not to mention the traffics – for a change and still be on time?

I’ve always felt that there’s something wrong in the way we treat our VIPs. We’re treating them like they’re some kind of holy aliens to be protected against all the pains and inconveniences which plague the daily lives of other unfortunate mortals, namely us. And what worse is that I think these VIPs are also expecting that they are to be treated differently, to be given special treatments.

While you and I have to keep reminding ourselves to be patient in the middle of terrible traffic jams, those VIPs would cruise freely, and adding another kilo or two of parking cars in the middle of highways, since we’re forced to let them through.

No wonder the traffic problems have never been solved. I tell you what would speed up the effort to solve it. Let all those VIP drive their expensive cars by themselves (without a driver) and then let them enjoy the lovely and educative experience of driving in Jakarta in the middle of heavy traffic. See how they’ll love that.

How could you hope those powerful people to solve your problems, if they don’t have a clue and never experience those problems themselves?

I really hate VIPs. Well, I guess I don’t hate them personally, what I hate most are those special treatments given them. And the fact that they take it as their due.

What I’m trying to say is that those VIPs don’t have the divine rights to live comfortably when their subjects (you and I) live miserably. And they definitely have no right what so ever to experience all the comforts they enjoy at the costs of their subjects!

If we’re miserable than they have to be as miserable as us. They only deserve to have their comfort after all of us – their subjects and people, live comfortable lives, not vise versa!

Bit of Wisdom:

Leaders are chosen to lead their people into prosperity and out of misery and not achieving them by imposing poverty and hardship.

Good leaders would be ashamed to display any sign of wealth and privileges while their people have no wealth nor dignities/rights to mention about.

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