Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What Does the Reprinting of Prophet Muhammad’s Cartoons Mean?

It means that there are people out there who strongly feel that they have rights to do what ever they want to do regardless of the consequences of their actions. To say what ever they want to say regardless of the feelings of others who would be hurt or offended by the things they said.

These peoples believe that freedom of speech give them immunity to hurt and offend others. They are extremely proud in flaunting their ability to hurt and offend others and then without same hide behind this powerful new religion called Freedom of Speech.

I think they are basically and inherently mean. These peoples who worship freedom of speech without limit and caution are no different from those fanatics or brainwashed people who do whatever they want to achieve their goals, and then hide behind ideologies or religions. While the plain fact is that they don’t care about others except themselves.

I wouldn’t dream of calling one of my friends “Chinese” with certain intonation here in Indonesia, even though he/she is a Chinese, as I am aware of the hurt that this calling will cause them. I wouldn’t dream of calling one of my friends ‘Nigger’ even though he/she is black, as it might offend them.

Do I have a freedom to say what ever I want to say? Of course I do. But why don’t I try to exercise it? Because, common sense, good heart and good manner will prevent me to offend or hurt others intentionally.

I could only see the reprinting of Prophet Muhammad’s cartoon as an extremely aggressive stance intentionally designed to offend and hurt others (Muslims). The first printing could be accepted and understood as a misinformed decision made without understanding the cultures and believes of others. But to do exactly the same thing twice after seeing how offended and angry most Muslims were, it could only mean one thing. Those people are shouting to the Muslims worldwide:


It’s simply mean, bad, inflammatory and lack of better judgment.

With such people around, no wonder we live in such violent world. They don’t try to promote peace. They’re more than willing to go a mile to insisting what they believe to be their rights regardless of the costs.

They thrive in promoting hatred and angers when there are other ways, more peaceful, non confrontational, more respectful ways to convey their meanings and goals.

Unless their true goal is not to make a point that they have a freedom of speech but to offend others. Which in this instance I believe is the case.

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