Monday, March 31, 2008

How Much Does It Cost to Bandung by Train?

For 3 tickets it’s Rp 325.000. Don’t raise your eye brows yet. There’s a story behind this unbelievable price. Most of it was my own fault but I’d like to put some blame to the KAI (Indonesian State Owned Train Company).

If only they have a phone in the reservation/selling counter and if only they didn’t charge Rp 10.000 per ticket for issuing a new one (I was told by someone in the call center that before April I wouldn’t be charged at all) it wouldn’t cost me that much to go to Bandung.

The original costs for Argo Gede and Parahyangan to Bandung are Rp 45.000 and Rp 35.000 consecutively. However the transportation costs + errand boy fee + costs for changing 3 tickets twice + the original tickets'price in total it was amounted to Rp 325.000.

For KAI please put a phone in your selling/reservation counter! Or let us order our tickets online so that we could correct the mistake ourselves!

For your information there’s no phone in Stasiun Gambir to cancel or change your tickets, you have to come in person to correct it.
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