Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Comeback of Park Shi Hoo

Never thought that I would write anything about Park Shi Hoo since I felt nothing about him. I didn’t even care when he shot a movie with Yoon Eun Hye. But I find his comeback to a drama land with a drama titled ‘A Neighborhood Hero’ impossible to ignore.

I’m not saying he should be punished for eternity, particularly since he is never found guilty by the court. Some of his diehard fans insist the poor guy might be raped by that scheming lying gold digging horny little bitch, thus his comeback should be welcomed with open arms and sincere apologies.

However, regardless of the fact whether he was the one being raped or not my feelings for him have changed from nothing into something. His case reminds me of Kim Hyun Joong’s.

In Kim Hyun Joong’s case, his scandal has totally destroyed my perception of him. His blinding smiles have lost their power to blind me. No matter what he and his management said I can’t bring myself to like a guy who is bigger and more powerful than a girl but uses his power to physically hurt her. Be it intentionally or not. Be it just one time or worse.

In Park Shi Hoo’s case, I can’t bring myself to rooting for a hero who I know in real life is not the kind of man that would get my admiration. I don’t know whether Park Shi Hoo is guilty or not. I don’t know if he was the raped victim or not. But what I know for sure is how I feel.

I don’t like seeing a guy who can’t even act as a gentleman acting as a hero, particularly in kdramas where a hero is always someone who is honorable/with principles (at least when they are dealing with women) even when they are being an ass.

How do I feel about a guy who brings a drunk girl into his home? Suspicious. How do I feel about a guy who sleeps with a girl than shares that girl with his friend? I’m beyond disgusted.

It doesn’t matter to me whether it was a rape or an orgy. If that girl is a famous star, I doubt I would be able to watch her as a heroine with the same eyes and feelings prior to the incident.

Therefore, I find it hard to watch Park Shi Hoo in kdrama be it in a romantic or a heroic role. He might be innocent of rape but he definitely is not a gentleman. There is nothing romantic let alone heroic in a guy who shared a drunk girl with another man.

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