Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hello Monster / I Remember You (너를 기억해)

Although I love Agatha Christie to death I won’t choose crime thriller dramas as my choice of entertainment. But now I end up watching two of those dramas instead of a pure silly romcom.

Unlike Masked Prosecutor I love everything about Hello Monster. Despite its dark tone and numerous murders I enjoy its humours. I love seeing how every member of the temporary elite team ignores their new adorable Captain, Kang Eun Hyok (Lee Chon Hee/이천희).

I also love how none of that elite team members considers Cha Ji An (Jang Nara/장나라) as a woman while Cha Ji An herself is convinced that she is a true beauty, in fact a potential femme fatal.

And I really love Soe In Guk (서인국)’s character Lee Hyon. I have an extremely soft spot for brainy guys and Lee Hyon is a bonafide genius. A genius who turns out perfectly fine despite having a rather sick father and an even sicker little brother.

It breaks my heart seeing how little Lee Hyon has to live in the basement locked up and labelled as a monster by his own father. In a way I don’t regret Lee Jong Min’s death at the hand of young Lee Joon Hyong (Do Kyong Soo).

A father who could be manipulated by a psychopath into thinking that his own wonderful son is a monster and didn’t recognize other monstrous child in his own house is hard to like.

I love how despite not knowing who Lee Joon Ho (Choi Won Young) is, Lee Hyon could sense that something is off with the forensic doctor. I also love how Cha Ji An who has completely no idea who Jung Sun Ho (Park Bo Gum) is totally dislike him and considers the good lawyer a bad guy.

Hello Monster / I Remember You is heavier than Masked Prosecutor / The Man in the Mask but strangely I find it more comedic and romantic all at once.

I love both Jang Nara and Soe In Guk but I never thought that Jang Nara could look younger than Soe In Guk. When they are together she looks like his little sister. Their scenes are always heartwarming and they have enough scenes together to keep the audience happy.

Hello Monster is still airing, so it won’t be fair nor wise to give an opinion about how good or how bad it is, however, so far I’m loving this show.

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