Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Freedom of Hate

Today is the birthday of my beloved. But instead of writing love letter to Jo Hyun Jae wishing him all the best on his birthday I’m writing about hate instead. It shows how we never know what will happen ahead of us.

The Garland’s shooting yesterday compels me to write about those lovers of total freedom (which I’d rather call The Haters) aka the organizer and supporters of the so called ‘Art Contest’ in Texas.

They can deny it and lie all they like that they don’t hate Islam/Muslims. But actions speak louder than words. With the kind of actions they do I could only imagine what’s really in their hearts.

Centuries have passed and we’re supposed to be in a civilized world today where people accept and respect other people for what they are, however there are things that never change. There will always be some people with hatred in their hearts perhaps until the end of time.

Some will hate other people because of their colours, believes or ethnicities. Some will hate whoever is not in agreement with them or those who seem to be happier than them. Some will hate because they rejoice in their ability to be hateful.

As if being hateful is something to be proud of.

Someone needs to teach them how to watch kdramas. Someone needs to let them know that almost no body likes hateful characters. Almost no body enjoys a hateful drama. Most audience prefers dramas fill with love, warmth and laughter.

No body loves people who love to throw insults and promote hate. Not in the movie and certainly not in the real life. Hatred is as dangerous as a cancer that destroys the person who has it. 

You can’t be happy as long as you have hatred in your heart. You can never have peace as long as you keep hate and not love in your heart. To those people who hate Prophet Muhammad with all their hearts and do everything in their power to incite hate I have these to say: 

 - Be thankful that yesterday plot was not successful (not that it had any chance to be anyway).
 - Don’t take this incident as a brand new ammunition to renew your fight against Islam. But use it to reflect. To think whether your hatred towards Islam and Prophet Muhammad is more precious than your lives. Your faces are being seen by millions of Muslims around the world, most might think you are beneath them to even give you a second look but some might take too much interest.
- Hating Islam, being an anti Muslim will do you no good and it will not affect Islam or Prophet Muhammad in the least. As a matter of fact it will only increase our love for our religion and beloved Prophet.
 - I’ll share what this incident does to me.

I normally find no difficulty in condemning violent actions and atrocities conducted by criminals/terrorists. But not this time.

I find myself sympathizing with what I think drove them. I also find myself worrying about their fate. I’m afraid that instead of a reward, they will find punishment  waiting for them.

Yes, in case you don’t know if those gunmen slaughter you right there there is a chance that they might go to hell instead of paradise for killing unarmed people. Even when those unarmed people are the enemies of Islam like yourselves.

My consolation is that Allah killed them before they had a chance to take other people’s lives. It gives me hope that Allah might be merciful towards them. I ended up praying so that Allah may forgive any bad intentions that might be had by those gunmen.

I prayed to the Most Merciful to count their love for Prophet Muhammad in their favour and if it pleases Him to receive them as suhada, for only Allah knows what motivated them and what their real intentions were and Allah is the Best of Judge.

Last but not least, if you insist on your freedom to hate just be prepared to receive the results of the freedom of others to hate you back.

If you have enough courage to express your hatred through words and pictures under heavy guards, those who hate you back have enough courage to die to express their hatred towards you.

You see hatred brings nothing but hatred.

I never find it necessary to notice or address people who when they open their mouths (use their fingers) deliver nothing but unpleasantness. My policy towards these people is: just ignore them. Let them be. Stay away from them. Let their darkness swallows none but themselves.

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