Sunday, February 1, 2015

Review: Mr.Back

January, February and March are the months where deadlines are piling up one after another. So, reading, writing, watching dramas, movies, and socializing are pretty much on detention.

However, after finally finishing Mr. Back I feel compelled to at least say something about this drama. What’s the point of having 24 hours if I can’t even use some of those hours to do what I love.

I like both Shin Ha Kyun (신하균) and Jang Nara (장나라) and I’m really looking forward to watching their drama, but one of the reasons why it takes me so long to watch it a part from not having enough time is that I have a suspicion that I’m not going to love Mr. Back.

The reason: I fear that it will give us a Miss Granny’s ending which is okay for a movie but definitely not okay for a 16 episodes romcom. After wasting 16 hours and investing my emotions on the couple I want to see that my sacrifices are being paid. A sad ending is not a payoff I’m looking for.  

But, I’m pleasantly surprised by how Mr. Back handles its story, main characters and ending. There’s nothing really new in its handling but somehow the drama feels fresh and sweet.

I like how the second female lead doesn’t turn evil and is given a chance to win her chaebol CEO. It’s nice to see that the capable, loyal female executive stays good till the end.

I’m not a fan of Park Ye Jin probably because most of the time she plays a role that doesn’t encourage love from the audience but here as Hong Ji Yoon she looks sweet and innocent for a change.

I also like seeing how the spoiled heir who has rotten reputation is actually a warm and kind hearted young man. And I like seeing how the cranky Choi Go Bong starts to see things with new eyes after his ‘death’.

Money is important but your own family is also important even if they are an annoying bunch of greedy idiots.

I usually don’t care about anything else besides the story of the main couple but I find that the father and son relationship in Mr. Back to be most touching and heart warming.

I’m also impressed with how the drama shows the development of a love story between Choi Go Bong/Choi Shin Hyong and Eun Ha Soo. Their relationship grows steadily with increasing mutual attraction.

Although on Choi Go Bong’s part perhaps it’s also a case of love at first sight.

The middle part when Choi Shin Hyong struggles to be the mandatory idiot (which is the bane of every drama) is done with aplomb. It is presented in a perfectly limited dose so that we don’t feel like throwing something to our screen and say enough already.

I’m touched when Choi Shin Hyong is willing to give the only woman he ever loves to his son while on the other hand the son is also willing to forget the woman he likes for his father’s sake.

I love that none of the male leads insist on winning the female lead.

In most dramas we often have to endure either male or female leads who swear that they will try their hardest to win someone else who clearly doesn’t love them – which I find extremely annoying.

Now, about the heroine,  what I love the most about Eun Ha Soo is that she knows what she wants right away and doesn’t think much about making the first move.

I hate those stupid female leads who go around asking for advice about their love lives and end up agonizing over whether to confess their feelings or not.

Choi Shin Hyong and Eun Ha Soo start their relationship without blatantly declaring their feelings toward the other person. Their relationship blossoms with loves that are felt and shown with deeds.

Amongst all Jang Nara’s roles I think Eun Ha Soo is my most favourite character besides her role in Bratty Princess (her Chinese drama).

Choi Shin Hyong and Eun Ha Soo deliver such a tender and sweet relationship that makes me want to grant them all their wishes simply because they are so sincere.

Thanks God that the director and the writers agree and give us the happy ending that this drama needs.

I love the look on Eun Ha Soo’s face when she looks at Choi Shin Hyong when he asks her whether they were in love. Her mouth says nothing but she glows with happiness. And I love the smile on Choi Shin Hyong’s face when he looks at her.

He might not remember her and every detail of their relationship but his heart remembers the happiness that he feels every time he looks at her. A perfectly lovely and sweet ending for a wonderful drama that fills with sweetness.

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