Saturday, February 21, 2015

Review: The Judge

I never thought that I would love the Judge. But I do. It might have something to do with how familiar the movie is felt. Plus Robert Downey Jr is a wonderful treat to watch.

Hank Palmer is a lawyer you should hire when you want someone to do your dirty laundry. He doesn’t mind if his clients embezzle millions of dollars of tax payers’ money or even if they scam dirt poor sickly pensioners as long as some of those millions end up in his pocket.

As a human being he is a complete trash – usually a cue for me to drop the movie – but Robert Downy Jr is very compelling and reverting so instead of dropping off the movie I kept on watching.

I love seeing how the asshole Hank who told his little daughter that his father is dead to him is actually a very caring son and a somewhat cool dad. The scene where he helps his father to clean up in the bathroom wins me over.

When some people chose to send their parents to nursing homes a scene of a son who does the dirty job himself warms my heart.

No matter how luxurious the nursing home is or how attentive the nurses are, a loving touch and warm presence of their own flesh and blood would worth much more to our parents.

Hank transformation from money oriented lawyer to a decent one doesn’t come cheap. It takes his broken marriage, the death of his mother and the plight of his father for him to see the light.
The only thing that is not to my liking is the almost incest arch. It justifies what Hank’s little daughter says about the fathers of her friends ‘They will always look for younger mommies’ but really? That’s all they can come up with?

Aside from that the Judge is an enjoyable watch, perfect for my current mood. Hank who always uses his brains to think finally uses his heart to understanding things. And in my opinion a former devil is absolutely better than former saint.

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