Thursday, June 13, 2013

After the Second Episode of I Hear Your Voice

I have to say that I love the show!

Er……perhaps I shouldn’t say it out loud for I might end up jinxing it and myself as it’s still too early and kdramas are rather fickle and treacherous.

But, there aren’t that many dramas that can capture my full attention and love this soon, usually I have to grant them my patience – lots of it – before I get my reward.

I Hear Your Voice gives me that reward right from the start. All I have to do now is praying that the reward won’t turn into a curse just as quickly.

I love fast paced drama that is fun and entertaining. Drama that could make me laughs and smiles because of its silliness or cuteness.

And I love them even more if amongst all those silliness and cuteness there are tensions that could grip my wandering attention and characters that could make me root for their happiness or in some cases downfall.

In this case although I don’t really love Lee Bo Yong, I love her character Jang Hye Sung. (Admission: I always have a thing for a bad heroine).

I love seeing how her bad manners and mouth automatically make people assume that she is a bad person.

I love seeing how uninterested she is in doing normal things that normal people would do just to maintain a good image in front of others.

And I love seeing how totally wrecked her house is after she dressed her self up so sharply for her first day at work. There is something so endearing about it.

Now, about the male lead.

I love how he could be so mature on occasions while at other times he acts even younger than his age.

He could be brooding like a thousand year old vampire and just as quickly he could be dancing like a happy toddler.

Our hero and heroine are more similar than what their ages might suggest. I love watching the interactions between them. It’s like seeing my beloved kittens playing among themselves.

I love seeing how our hero automatically assumes that our heroine is a goddess of all that is good only to be totally shocked when he found out how rude and harsh she actually is.

I love seeing that despite his disappointment in the woman that she has become (although she was exactly the same when she was younger, it’s just him that didn’t know how horrible she actually was) he finally decides to believe his guts in trusting the brave little girl who risked her own life just to help him those years ago.

I love how our hero chooses to see beneath our heroine’s unappealing facade to look deep down into what really matters and decides that she is a good person without using his power to hear her thoughts.

By the way, do you know that Korean dramas have their own language?

They send their messages through gestures that would be unacceptable in our real world.  And could be received in a completely wrong way if the real men do that to the real women.

But, it’s drama land we’re talking about. They have created their own bizarre language.

And I find myself understanding that language and interpreting them just like what those drama gods probably want me to.

In this show, the fact that our hero is so familiar with our heroine and doing all those gestures that other male leads do to female leads makes me swoon with happiness.

Call me crazy but I love it when he acts like a caveman and carries her on his shoulder. I love it when he tells her directly about his ability to hear other people’s thoughts.

They tell me that he is totally comfortable with her. They tell me that he trusts her completely.

And I love seeing how our heroine believes him.

I love seeing how she looks to him to gather up her courage to once again stand up and do what is right.

Love it.

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