Friday, June 7, 2013

After First Episode of I Hear Your Voice

I’m totally hooked.

The trend of nuna love in kdrama land is not what makes me love the first episode of I Hear Your Voice – I’ve always loved nuna dongseng love line since ages ago – I love it because it has successfully grabbed my attention with it’s story and tone.

I love it when a drama is sprinkled with some super power ability particularly if it’s set within our own boring time. And as if that’s not enough to entice me our hero Lee Jong Sok is blessed with good fighting skills as well.

Skills he learns with the sole purpose to protect our heroine.

If I don’t know any better I would think that they make this drama to satisfy my need for a good nuna-dongseng love story.

I would really hate it if they just tease the viewers with the plot when they have no guts to follow through into that direction.

I’m not a big fan of Lee Bo Yong, but I love her character here – at least what I’ve seen of her character during the first episode. 

I’m not a big fan of Lee Jong Sok either, but, my, that boy has an intensity that is beyond his years.

I have no intention to follow any drama while it’s still airing. But once in a while there are dramas that you can’t resist no matter how much you try.

If the next episode remains as gripping and entertaining as the first one, I Hear Your Voice might be it.

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