Monday, April 23, 2012

Do and Don’ts for Brides

I don’t know about other cultures but if we use common sense I think the do and don’ts will not be that different. And if the things portrayed in Kdramas are reflections of their cultures it means their norms and ours are exactly the same.

In here, should the brides stay with her in-laws, she will be expected to help out with the household’s chores if not be the one responsible for it. It’s a big no for a bride to stay in bed watching TV or reading her favourite books and magazines while her in-laws are busy preparing the meal or washing dishes.

In the case where the brides are working and happen to stay with her in-laws once she is at home she is expected to take full responsibility of the caring of her children and not put the burden to her in-laws who already took care of them all day.

It is just about common sense and good manners. I couldn’t imagine there’s a woman who stays with her in-laws and not trying to be a domestic goddess in their eyes.

I couldn’t imagine there’s a woman who expects her in-laws to wait hand and foot for her – particularly not if she’s not the one with a fortune who owns the house and holds the purse strings. But apparently there’s one for I heard a complaint about a bride who does exactly what she shouldn’t do.

Who’s to blame?

Is it the fault of the bride’s family who doesn’t teach their daughter how to conduct herself in her in-laws’ house? Or is it her husband’s fault for not letting her know of his family expectations of her? Or is it the bride’s own fault for being a complete idiot?

I’ll go with the last one. Men are known to marry girl for their beauty and not their brains. But no women are that stupid. Some just don’t have good manners or incurably lazy. She should know that she can’t endear herself to her in-laws by behaving like a pig.

How to solve it? I have no idea. The in-laws won’t say a thing to her face. They’ll just keep on hating her. Her husband should try to address the issue but I don’t see he’ll succeed.

Perhaps she should try watching Kdramas and emulate the heroines who are always hard working and excel at cleaning not to mention being unfailingly polite to her extremely rude and mean in-laws.
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