Thursday, January 5, 2012

To Do List

Things to do in 2012:

1. Finish the writing of 49 Days (Kang Ah and Shin Ji Hyun's story) which is supposed to be done last year.
2. Watch all Kdramas, Tdramas, Doramas (Jdramas) I’ve been planning to watch.
3. Read all those books I bought.
4. Put more efforts to really study those foreign languages I learned.
5. Keep a close watch on my finances and time management.
6. Go to Hajj.
7. Lose some weight!!


prissymom said...

HI, fixy! Prissymom here. Don't know if you still remember me. Anyway, just dropped by to share this video of JHJ singing his 49 Days song during his Japan fan meeting last 2.3.2012. It is just a short portion of the song, but I remember that you liked JHJ's song so I thought of sharing it with you. Anyway, here's the link:


Fixy said...

Of course I remember you Prissymom. And thank you so much for sharing this link. Love it! And love you too!

Gosh I miss him so much. I really hope I could see him in a new drama soon.

ps. would you like to join our kdramafolks group? We have Jomo, Viola, Leonardowench and many others (basically dramabean's lurkers and readers) there ^-^

Anonymous said...

Hello from Puerto Rico, Fixy. I found you via the Coffee House finale posts on dramabeans and really appreciated your interpretation and agree with it. Muchas gracias. I've been skimming over your blog and find it intriguing. Your analysis of the four different Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre's reminds me of me. LOL. I can also see/read four different versions of something I really like. And your To Do List also reminds me of a younger, civil servant (teacher) me. Now I'm retired and can dedicate more time to compulsively read. Except that now I'm addicted to kdramas/movies and loving every minute of it. So, dear Fixy, please don't feel pressured in any way. Keep posting what you want, when you want and ENJOY! Hope you go to Hajj. Hasta pronto. Gasenadi

Fixy said...

Hi! Hola! Hello Gasenadi! Just reading your comment makes me really happy! I mean really happy ^-^

Being a civil servant demands certain skills in finance and time management indeed ^-^

I'm extremely happy to hear from you and learning that we have things in common. And thank you so much for the best wishes ^-^

Hopefully by the end of May I could finally concentrate on writing, reading and serious watching of various dramas ^-^

Hope you'll enjoy all the new dramas that will be coming up soon and watch all the interesting current ones as well ^-^