Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Missing Deadline

I hate it when I miss deadline. Particularly if that said deadline is set and screwed by none other than myself. The most recent case is my plan to write Kang Ah’s story and post it here by October. Yet up to this very moment I haven’t written anything, well, I’ve written a few pages for episode 1 but that’s all about it.

I don’t even know whether I would be able to finish the whole thing by the end of this year. Not to make excuses, I’m in the middle of training and won’t be able to return home until November (the weekends’ leaves don’t count for we still have tons of chores to do). And before the training there’s fasting month which took a lot of one’s free time.

But nonetheless, the inability to deliver a product/target on schedule is a sign of a bad management.

No wonder nobody likes to reflect. It sucks. Missing a deadline is bad. Knowing you are bad manager to boot is a kill joy.


prissymom said...

Waiting for Kang Ah's story.... you can do it, Fixy!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay. Today is the first day I'm back from that 8 weeks training. Thanks Prissymom! Your encouragement is definitely needed.
I can do it!