Sunday, August 14, 2011

In a Rush? Need to be Swift?

Speeding and cutting are the answer. And those are some of the reasons why I love driving.

However, if you live in Jakarta you’ll know that it’s impossible to speed here. My top speed is 60 km/hour. Or 80 - 100 on the toll/highway. Yeah, I’m such a racer.

And when I say cutting what I really mean is changing lane from the one which is not moving to the other one which is slightly better.

Now, without meaning to offend Toyoto or pleasing Suzuki I’d like to make some comparison betwen the two. My Toyoto Rush is an automatic one while my Suzuki Swift is a manual one.

Here is my thought:

1). If you love to speed and cutting other people like I do, Suzuki Swift is definitely the better choice. The exchange of gears is smooth and swift while the body is small enough to fit in any tight space betwen cars.

2) But if you live in Jakarta with its deadly traffic jams having an automatic car helps a lot. And if you’re not that into speeding and cutting other people and are one of those who stick to which ever lane you happen to be, having an automatic car will suit you well.

3) If you love to go to the shopping malls like I do having a city car like Swift is better than the big fat Rush.

4) But if you live/work in an area which is frequented by floods and plague with bad roads having a Toyoto Rush is without a doubt the best thing for you.

And last but not least this is not a promotion or defamation of either! I’m just writing what I thought about the two different cars that I have. So don’t sue me!

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