Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Love Them

Did I mention how busy I am at the moment? But no matter how busy I am I think I should spare some of my limited time for my favourites: Jo Hyun Jae and Song Seung Hun (Mr. Hand Towel).

I want to write Jo Hyun Jae his own story (Kang's POV) like what I did for Kang Ji Hwan's Lee Jin Soo, but,well, perhaps later when I have more time.

And I've been planning to write Mr. Hand Towel's background story just to help those who wonder why did the beautifully divine looking Song Seung Hun becomes more known as Mr. Hand Towel.

And last but not least I want to post the rebuttal from Don't Call Me Mr. Hand Towel himself!!

But those have to wait.

In the mean time you could check these links out under 'My Favourite links'. Both of them could sing extremely well!

If only my Kang Ji Hwan could also sing that well. Sigh.


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