Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Be Ware

I think most of those who know me will say that I have a very even temper. And that’s true. I don’t get annoyed over annoying matters easily. And I rarely get angry over things that are sure to rile most people.

But when I came to the office the other morning and found a notice from Ministry of Finance on my table I was really upset. And angry. We’re not supposed to get a notice! Fortunately, the damning letter wasn’t addressed to our Minister!

So I talked to one of my heads of division in charge of the matter to clarify what was that all about. I didn’t raise my voice. I didn’t use harsh words. And I think I didn’t even look angry.

But late that afternoon one of the heads in our underbow organisation came to my room with his staff to explain.

To be honest I was quite surprised when I saw him coming to explain the matter himself. I have no idea what was said to him when he was called. But seeing that he came all the way to see me he must be told that I was quite angry over the matter.

I felt so bad after that. I learnt my lesson. I’ll be more careful in expressing things in the future. And to have a better understanding of the consequences of my words. That there are many people who are not directly under me (our Ministry) but are accountable to us...

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