Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Love Measurement

I don’t think I would ever begrudge the time I spend in bed, not even when I had to be there because I was too sick to get up – having sleep as one of my favourite pastimes and best recipes to cure any sickness – till last week.

I had started to feel that I wasn’t exactly fine since Wednesday, but knowing that a long weekend was just a couple of days ahead I tried to convince myself that it was just stress, and I’ll be all right when Friday comes and I’m off work.

I should’ve paid more attention to what my body was saying and took a rest on Friday instead of spending it driving for hours. The headache was a knock out which stubbornly decided to stay for two days. And robbed me off my chance to play with my nephew who came to stay with us that weekend.

Coming from a very small family, I don’t have many people to love. So naturally the little darling has become the sole object of my love and affections. I think my parents are also a little bit crazy about him – particularly my mother who would do almost anything for him. Yes, we all dot on him.

Sometimes, I wonder who loves the little darling the most. I know that I’m more than willing to give him my free time. Other people might consider their money as their most precious treasure. Me, I think my free time is my most precious treasure. But, I’m gladly forsaking it for him.

My father who is rather tight fist is more than generous to his one and only grandson who has yet understood the meaning of different coulours of the bills given to him and opted to use it to fan his little head or to be put directly into his little mouth to chew.

My mother who isn’t exactly robust suddenly turns all active and on high gear when his beloved grandson comes.

In our different ways, we all give him our best.

I think the more we love someone the more willing we are to sacrifice our happiness for that person. And there are no actual sacrifices when they make the one that we love happy and his happiness and well being are what make us happy.

There is one quote from George Jean Nathan which I think should be thought in depth as to why it is so :

“Love is an emotion experienced by the many but enjoyed by the few”

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