Monday, January 11, 2010

Review: Koishite Akuma (Vampire Boy)

I have mix feelings regarding this Japanese series. I like its new takes on vampires that in order to become a vampire a young vampire has to do his main job which is to suck human blood – otherwise he wouldn’t get their ultimate power: immortality. Not only that, he’ll disintegrate into dust of nothingness in a couple of months if he doesn’t suck human blood as soon as possible.

Ruka Kuromiya the young vampire who hates and despises human has been ordered to mingle with high school students and board with an ordinary family to familiarize himself with their habits and most importantly to find his prey. Unfortunately for Kuromiya he happens to be one of those vampires who could only suck blood of one particular prey. And to make matter worse, against all odds, he falls in love with his one and only prey!

I think Yuma Nakayama has the perfect looks as Ruka Kuromiya the incredibly good looking new foreign student who drives other girls in his high school crazy with his beauty. His acting skills are also good enough to portray a brooding, aloof and somewhat lost teenager. And l love the yearning looks he casts Makoto when he finally realises that he loves her.

Yes, I like it enough to even stop seeing the Korean series I’ve been watching. The problem is I don’t like how Koishite Akuma ends – not that I ever like how Japanese series end come to think of it. But this particular series means something more. It’s been awhile since I’ve found a Japanese series that I like to this extend.

I’m disappointed with Kuromiya’s views of love. I could understand that he thinks he’s doing the right thing by sacrificing his life for the woman he loves but as a champion of a happy ending I hate it. And I’m disappointed with Makoto for not trying harder to convince Kuromiya that they should be together forever and ever. How could she possibly live her life without him? How could she pretend as if nothing happens? As if he has never come into her life?

While watching their separation I remember what Princess Sun Hwa says in a Korean series (Song of the Prince) about Soe Dong, that she won’t die without him, but life would be meaningless, it would lost its voice and colours and that’s why she couldn’t let him go, not even when the whole world is against them.

That’s what I want for Kuromiya and Makoto, not for him to leave her alone in the name of love...

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